How To Throw The perfect Christmas Zoom Party

I bring good news: Christmas is not 'cancelled' (even if the U.K has understandably come to that conclusion after tuning into the government's announcement earlier this evening). Christmas still remains, and this year, we get to experience it virtually with our family and friends on Zoom. Yes, Christmas for the majority of us this year will indisputably look different. However, who's to say that different has to be bad? With a little effort, preparation and - most certainly - some holiday spirit, we can experience Christmas as we know and love it. 

To throw a virtual Christmas party for the history books, just implement these six, simple steps.

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Dress code: strictly festive

No Christmas party would be complete without its guests wearing an array of outfits that look as if Santa himself has thrown up on them. Throw on your cheesiest Christmas jumper, dig out your glitziest dress, or stay all day in your festive loungewear. However, ensure one rule's clear: no grinches are allowed (yes, the host will kick you out).

Decorate your room

Whether you plan on hosting your Christmas Zoom party in your kitchen, dining room or living room, deck out the room in fairy lights and tinsel. Decorate your tablespace with festive candles (different heights add extra warmth and atmosphere) and festive tablecloths for the most aesthetically pleasing virtual party going.

Plan a virtual Secret Santa

Head over to a random name generator, and order a present online to be delivered to your secret Santa's address. To get all your friends and family involved, unbox your presents at the same time and share your guesses!

Watch your favourite Christmas film 

Just because you can't be together in person, there's no reason why you can't have a virtual movie night and keep everyone on Zoom whilst you watch. Whether it's your Christmas tradition to sit down and watch a cheesy Christmas rom-com or to snuggle up by the fire and watch a nostalgic favourite like The Snowman, let's do it with the company of our loved-ones on Zoom.

Organize a competitive activity

There's nothing like a competitive activity to bring the family together at Christmas time. How about buying some ingredients in advance and hosting a timed Christmas bakeoff? Perhaps organize a game of 'Name that Holiday tune' or 'Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition'. Or for the braver of you, karaoke could call for some great Christmas Day entertainment.

Christmas Zoom quiz

Why not embrace this year's festivities in true 2020 style, with a Christmas themed Zoom Quiz? Browse the internet for your quiz of choice, get the pen and paper at the ready and prepare to engage yourself and your family in an hour of virtual fun. Plus, with cameras everywhere, cheating is less likely to go unnoticed!

Will you be hosting a Christmas Party online this year? If so, let me know your plans for it in the comments!



  1. We are having a Christmas zoom party and I will definitely keep these tips in mind!

  2. Hey thanks for this I have to figure out how to Zoom my family over seas in Paris.

    Allie of

    1. No Problem! Hope you have a great Christmas :)


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