Fashion Sustainability Tips

 When it comes to fashion sustainability, there are generally three routes that you can go down: second hand, clothes swapping and slow fashion. Or, there’s my personal favourite, reduce your fashion spending altogether. Of course, this isn’t always going to be possible (but it is indisputsble, cutting down your fashion consumption is truly the greenest option).


Minimalism is the environmentally-conscious choice. Avoiding all unnecessary purchases, and in doing so, not only saving the planet but saving your money, time and allowing yourself to be much more appreciative of the items that you already own. There’s a myth that I would like to debunk concerning minimalism, however. It does not mean that you now have to suddenly do an extensive wardrobe clearout, rashly throwing out your fourth favourite jumper because you’ve read in a minimalist article that you are only supposed to own three, or you’ve researched Marie Kondo and overthought how much ‘joy it sparks you’. In fact, this only creates further environmental issues. Being a fashion minimalist does not mean that you need to own two pairs of shoes, one dress and three pairs of socks.

Our ultimate goal is to eventually compile a wardrobe of low quantity but high-quality pieces - timeless in style so that longevity can be maintained.


If you’re an avid sewer (or you have time on your hands to learn), another great option is upcycling. With a creative eye, you can transform your least favourite clothing item into a beautiful and unique piece. Alternatively, instead of throwing away an item that's not quite right, try taking it to a local tailor for adjusting. 

Checking a brand's sustainability

Good on You is a free app available that allows you to see the carbon footprint and overall sustainability rating of whatever brand you search for. They also share articles and recommend the best ethical and sustainable brands to shop from.


Click here for an informative article on affordable, but sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. 

Whatever you do, refrain from buying from fast fashion brands (even if you intend to donate the clothing to charity afterwards).

The 30 wear pledge

If you are planning on making a fashion purchase, take the 30 wear pledge - endorsed by many celebrites, including Emma Watson. The question to ask is: will you wear the item at least 30 times? If you find yourself gravitating towards the answer "no", then leave it behind. If you're certain that you will wear it that often, buy it and enjoy it!

Clothes swapping

If you know of someone who's the same size as you, try asking them if they want to participate in a clothing swap. This is a great way to try out something new and bond with each other in the process! 

If you have anything else that you wish to add to this guide, please leave it in the comments and I'll make sure to add it into this post!


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