The WFH Guide: 10 Productivity Tips & Tricks

 With the announcement of the latest government guidelines, for many, work from home life is about to commence. The WFH lifestyle inevitably requires a new and adaptive approach to things; productivity levels, consequently, can sometimes suffer in this demanding transition.  To prevent this, and alternatively optimise your time wisely, here are 10 tips and tricks to enhance WFH productivity.

Remember: the Snooze button is your enemy 

Structure is paramount in crafting a productive day. Setting an alarm for the time you would normally get up for work and laying out your day in the same format as if you were going into the office, for example, is fundamental for establishing a work-orientated, productive mindset. The moment you hit that snooze button, you are instantly breaking the barrier that separates your work from your life - allowing the first glimmer of procrastination to enter and gradually flourish throughout your day. 

A healthy and substantial morning meal

Despite the uncertainty of these bizarre times (thank me later for not writing 'unprecedented times') one thing is certain: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making sure that you consume a nutritional and substantial breakfast is crucial in ensuring that you have the required energy to fuel your working day, without constantly feeling peckish and taking unnecessary, distraction-provoking breaks.

Personal rec: I've been having (and loving!) porridge with fruit pretty much every day for breakfast - super tasty and keeps you full until lunch!

Separate your workspace 

If there's just one thing that you take away from this post, make it be to create a separate workspace from your living area. Work at a clear, clutter-free desk, preferably near a window and away from possible distractions. Whatever you do, do not work on your bed. This will merge your sleeping and workspace into one, and falling asleep at night will swiftly become a challenge.

Write to-do lists (seriously).

It may seem tedious, but creating a to-do list the night before each day will help boost productivity and allow the next day to flow smoothly. Schedule in meetings, emails and general plans and do the ones that need to be checked off most urgently first. As soon as a thought or distraction pops into your mind - work-related or not - write it down to evade unnecessarily exhausting brain space trying to remember it.

Lock away distractions

You've heard it time and time again - hide your phone. Lock it away. Put it in another room. Whatever it takes to avert getting lost into the virtual hole of social media. If you have an iPhone, Downtime is a great built-in tool to restrict yourself from using certain apps during your working hours.

Match your music

There's no reason why you shouldn't make your working day that extra bit more inviting with some of your favourite music. However, tailoring that music to the task at hand is crucial for maintaining the music as a motivator rather than a distractor. For instance, more mundane, and less focused tasks might call out for the more upbeat, lyrical and pop-based playlist, whereas an attention-demanding writing task is better suited for instrumental, quieter and more calming soundtracks (my personal recommendation for the latter is to listen to meditative nature sounds: rainforest, waves, rain, etc).

Take breaks

Although it may seem obvious, taking breaks is essential to preventing burn out and increasing productivity. If you happen to be a workaholic, make sure that you fully utilise these breaks to step away from the work world and take time for yourself. Timed breaks are essential for making sure that 30-minute tea break doesn't spiral into a Netflix movie marathon.

Get Outside

If possible, and applying to COVID safety measures, go outside during your lunch break. Fresh air and nature is the key to brain stimulation and will help to alleviate the accumulation of stress throughout the day. Simply go for a walk, get some exercise or head down to your local coffee shop and you'll come back to your WFH space feeling rejuvenated and ready to press play on the productivity.

Give yourself rewards

Making time for yourself is just as important in terms of productivity and avoiding burnout as ticking off all of your daily goals and tasks. Have a post-work plan in mind to look forward to and motivate you throughout the day: meeting up with or FaceTiming a friend, cooking your favourite dinner, delving into a new book, watching that new Netflix show in your recommended - essentially, whatever makes you happy.

Set a definitive finishing time

Work-life balance may, on the surface, appear easier to achieve when working from home. Yet, it is easier than it seems to get caught up in an activity and find yourself working over hours. Just as you set a time to start working, set a decisive time end working.



  1. I really struggle with taking breaks when WFH. When I do get round to taking a break, because I'm at home, I find it really hard to get back into work.
    Chloe X

  2. A separate workspace is so important!

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. Thank you for the post! It did give me a lot of motivation!
    The World of Wallet

  4. Totally agree with this post! Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips!
    Style For Cool Men

  5. Some great tips here, I always write a list and completely forget about it though haha!! Taking breaks are soo important though.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  6. Separating your work setup, early mornings and to-do list are the 3 key things that always maximizes my productivity. Lovely post. x


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