How To Survive Lockdown 2.0: A Rulebook



Practice makes perfect, and if there's one thing that we've had practice of in the last 6 months, it's learning how to survive half a year confined in the small proximity of our homes whilst attempting to keep our sanity intact (that, and making interminable loaves of banana bread, oh, and giving the word "unprecedented" way too much love).

Although there's been no concrete evidence that we're steering towards another lockdown, the recent tightening of government restrictions - face masks compulsory in restaurants, indoor sports ban, and the closure of pubs an hour earlier than usual (because, obviously, the killer virus finishes its lunch break after 10pm) - leaves an uneasy feeling that lockdown 2.0 is inevitably looming. Lockdown epitomised tedious and tiresome living, but, lockdown 2.0? Well...I almost have plans to enjoy it.

You don't have to write a book (and that's ok)

In other words: be realistic with your expectations. Remember at the start of lockdown when we were etching into our calendars early morning yoga sessions, plans to learn new languages, to eat super salads and workout religiously? Oh, to be young and naïve...

Lockdown 2.0 calls for more realistic goals; this time round, I'll be saying goodbye to the over optimistic mindset that I have to use this unexpected vastness of time to become a productivity machine. I'll be productive when it suits me. Relax when it suits me. Self care is productive.


Hands up who's still not made more than a dent into the mountain of toilet rolls occupying their storage room? The personal luxuries, that actually make you slightly tearful when you run out of them, is what's worth buying in advance: your favourite chocolates, your trusty hand lotion and the very things that give you a little pick-me-up during a time of intense isolation. 

Unless you're working in supply chain, leave the toilet rolls. Book in your online orders in advance, and make sure to prioritise the little luxuries.


If 2020 fashion were to be studied in a future Fashion Through The Ages project, you'd be hard pushed to find any items thats chief essence didn't scream comfort, or, at times, borderline sleepwear. In fact, if the fashion industry were in charge of the criminal justice system, wearing a pair of jeans in this period would probably acquire a 10 year sentence. 

Comfort Is Key will, I believe, still be the fashion and, well, life mantra to worship going into another lockdown, but this time I'm going to amplify the effort (yes, you heard that right - calling Lizzo, because we about to Turn it Up'). The foundation of my outfit will remain the same, but accessorising will take the lead role in transforming my loungewear from 'just woke up' to a consciously crafted 'cosy chic'. 


For many - myself included - each day of lockdown habitually merged into one long structureless day.  To avert aimless 3 hour trips down the lanes of TikTok, my WFH Guide offer tips for boosting productivity and adding structure into your day.



  1. I really hope we don't go into a full on lockdown again but these are some really useful tips for if we do!

    Tash // A Girl with a View


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