Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant


Unless you've been living under a skincare rock, you probably already know that Dermalogica has released a brand new product - the hydro masque exfoliant. However, what you might not know is just quite how amazing this product is. In fact, out of all the Dermalogica products I've been fortunate enough to try as one of their Skinfluencers, this exfoliating mask takes the top spot! There are multiple reasons why this exfoliating mask is so innovative and game-changing, one of them being the fact that it contains bamboo spheres that you can move around your face for personalised, customizable exfoliation, which makes this product so unique. Once the spheres are burst, they release ultra-fine bamboo particles which renews the skin for luminous, healthy-looking skin and preps the skin for hydration (plus, the ultra-fine bamboo particles won't be harsh and abrasive on the skin - perfect for sensitivity).

Another reason why I love this mask so much is that you only need to leave it on for five minutes! As much as it's nice to sit and relax for 15 minutes with a mask, it can be difficult to spare the time. Five minutes is all you need for the amazing ingredients (bamboo for gentle exfoliation, snow mushroom for hydration, phytolipids to fortify the skin's natural barrier & more) to really soak their way into the skin and for you to receive the full extent of their benefits.

Have you tried the hydro masque exfoliant yet?


How To Enjoy Exercise

 'Yeah, we get it, you exercise'. Does this thought ever occur to you when you see somebody exercising? Or worse - when you see somebody posting multiple gym mirror selfies posing with their powdered energy shake and perfect white teeth? Don't worry, I've been there. The thing is, exercise on the surface can seem very tedious and exhaustive (especially when it's so regularly advertised in repetitive sets), which made me less inclined to do it as often. However, when you delve into the world of fitness a little further, you might find yourself startled at the plethora of fun and motivating workout dances and exercises that - believe it or not - are more appealing than scrolling aimlessly on your phone for hours. 

And if you didn't think it could get any better than the prospect of exercise being fun, then you're in for a treat. There are endless free workout videos on Youtube that you can follow from the comfort of your own home (if you haven't had enough of that place since lockdown!). Coupled with an attainable routine and various helpful workout tips, exercise can easily squeeze its way back into your life in a fun and welcoming way.

Whos videos to follow?

There are thousands of fitness Youtubers, perhaps the most acclaimed being Chloe Ting, The Fitness Marshall and Pamela Reif. For me, Pamela Reif's videos take the top spot. She has a wide range of videos for whatever level you're at on your fitness journey. Pamela makes a wide range of 15 minute Dance workouts which very enjoyable and fun.

Set realist goals

If you're just beginning to work out, don't overly push yourself - motivation will quickly begin to dissipate if you set yourself unachievable goals. If you can't complete an entire video in one go, take breaks! There is nothing wrong with taking breaks. As time goes on you will see how less often you will need these breaks and begin to witness your progress.

Have Rest Days

Don't be strict with yourself! Rest days are vital to allow time for your muscles and your body to destress and rejuvenate - you will do your body more harm than good by missing them.

Don't compare yourself

I know it's easier said than done, but do not compare your body to anybody else. Everybody's physique is naturally different and when you see somebody posing, remember that angles matter! They most likely get bloated at times and look different in every angle!


I'm writing hydration into this mainly to remind myself - I'm very guilty of not drinking enough after/during a workout. Hydration is key to avoiding dizziness and fatigue. The same goes for food.


After exercising, it's paramount that you stretch. Plus, who wouldn't want to relax and unwind in the evenings with some therapeutic yoga? Pamela Reif's stretching videos are my personal favourite for soothing tense and sore muscles after a workout.

Last top tip: don't make the gym your personality trait ;)

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