Quarantine messed up your skin? Here's what to do

Oh no. Lockdown hit and your skin freaked out. Correct? Your once stable, smooth skin has escaped out of your control and the dreaded C word is playing havoc with it. Maybe it's a result of the stressful WFH situation, disturbed routine, a lack of water - the list is endless. However, every skin problem has a skincare solution. Read on for my tips and tricks on getting your skin back on track:

Exfoliation is one of - if not the - most important steps in your skincare routine. Exfoliating will remove the barrier of dead skin cells that are clogging the skin and unveil the fresh new cells that are waiting below. Effectively, this allows all of the products you use afterwards (moisturiser, serum, etc) to penetrate much more deeply into the skin. How often you should exfoliate depends on the strength of your exfoliator.

Steer Clear of Heat
Without prior knowledge, it may appear logical to use hot water to aid your skincare routine - almost like a steam treatment. However, this can actually cause your skin irritation. Stick to warm to cool water for the best results.

Don't Avoid The Hairline
Often, whilst cleansing, people tend to not work their cleanser up their face high enough. However, if you don't cleanse along the hairline, this becomes the ideal space for acne to appear. If you're concerned about getting the product on your hair, use a hairband to protect the edges.

Hydrate Inside & Out
I'm sure you're all sick of seeing 'drink plenty of water!' on skincare advice articles. I get it. It's obvious. But, I would practically be committing a crime in the eyes of the skincare gods if I didn't include hydration on this list, considering it plays such a huge role in transforming our skin. It's recommended to drink around 8 glasses of water a day and this will help boost your skin by restoring radiance and life back into it. Plus, what better time to start your 8 glasses a day than in lockdown?

SPF is Your Best Friend
One of the biggest skincare misconceptions is that SPF is only necessary on sunny days, when in fact, it should be worn rain or shine. If you don't fancy wearing suncream every single day, there are many other SPF alternatives. For instance, I regularly use the Dermalogica Skinperfect primer which contains SPF 30 (the SPF is honestly just a big bonus - it's an incredible product regardless).

Don't Touch Your Face
This one couldn't be more topical considering the fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic, however, global flu or not, you should always avoid touching your face. Doing so spreads bacteria and can consequently lead to breakouts.



  1. Ah many useful tips here! Lots of H20, no sun and don't touch your face! Yup!

    Allie of

  2. I feel you about quarantine messing with my skin. Though at the same time, I don't wear makeup as much these days. I am trying to let me skin breathe. Oooho hydrating is so important!! I learned that SPF is also important indoors as well. Thanks for sharing all of these great tips!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  3. I need to drink more water, I have noticed I dip since quarantine. Thanks for sharing xx



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