Let's Leave These Trends Behind In 2019

Goodybye emabrarrasing 2019 fashion trends, including tiny handbags (sorry, Lizzo).

Those tiny sunglases 
Don't worry, the tiny sunglasses that you've had the delight of seeing all over your Instagram feed during 2019 (that - let's be honest - are more accurately made for build-a-bears) have had their time in the spotlight. Yes, they were cute. No, they had never heard of UV protection. Could 2020 be the year that sunglasses that fit humans and shield your eyes from the sun make a comeback?

Source: Amazon.com

Those even tinier bags 
 If you thought the tiny sunglases were impractical, the tiny bag trend sits at a whole other level.  Want somewhere to store your phone? Think again. A mini lipstick? Ha, you can dream. It was good whilst it lasted, but how about we leave this trend with Lizzo?

Source: Metro.co.uk

For me, over branding is a major trend that needs to be left behind in 2019. I'm talking wearing designer, on designer, on designer - in other words, the head-to-toe Gucci tracksuits that appeared to be everywhere last year. Who's with me on this one?

Cycling shorts  
Don't get me wrong, cycling shorts are great. But, as a complete substitute for all other forms of shorts? Or to be purchased for the sole purpose of an Instagram photo in which you (obviously) have to pair it with a blazer? Not so much. I'd rather save the turtles. And don't even get me started on cycling shorts with the tiny sunglasses...


DISCLAIMER: If you like any of these trends, obviously there's nothing wrong with that! This is just personal opinion :)


  1. Those tiny bags are just ridiculuous...

    Mariya | https://www.brunetteondemand.com/

  2. Totally agree with this! I don't understand the hype behind those tiny bags at all, they're ridiculous xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I honestly never understood the tiny glasses or tiny bags, I just don't get it!! Hahaha, great post!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

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