Is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Really Worth the hype?

 There's no denying that the United Kindom has a lot to offer: historic monuments, fish and chips, regular and deeply riveting conversations about the weather and Brexit (okay, maybe not the last one...). But, there is one slight area in which they are lacking...American beauty brands. Yes, that's right U.K, where is our vast array of beauty brands that America seems in a surplus of? Where's our Sephora? Where's our Ulta Beauty? 

It would also appear that the rest of the industry shared this same seething frustration because when Boot's announced the unprecedented arrival of Rhianna's American Beauty brand Fenty Beauty, the U.K beauty community went crazy for it (almost as mad as when Rhianna announced she'd secretly been living incognito in London for the past year).

So, like the rest of the world, I wanted to head right down to the notorious British drugstore and finally test out these widely revered products for myself - starting with arguably Fenty's most prised product: the Gloss Bomb.

First Impression: You know when you see those Instagram models with super glossy lips and you think, "how?!". Well, this turns you into one of those. From the very moment I applied this, I could tell that the formula was extremely well-curated; it glides effortlessly onto the lips and lacks that horrible sticky feeling that a lot of lip glosses tend to have. The shade is also another bonus. Fenty's main ethos is centered around catering for every skin tone, so there's no need to fret about this not suiting your complexion.

Would I recommend? To say no to this question would be like telling you the sky's not blue. A hundred percent YES!


Sephora Sheet Masks: Hit or Miss

Any beauty enthusiast from the U.k will tell you that the prospect of trying something from Sephora has always been pretty tantalizing (after all, we always want what we can’t get. Or at least what we have to pay an unhealthy amount of international shipping for!)

For me, the Sephora face masks have always been my greatest allurement. In fact, last summer when I was in the U.S, I was so close to putting one in my basket before I forced myself to exert every ounce of effort to refrain - it may’ve been cheap and cheerful, but trust me, my bank account was still recovering from my previous unprecedented splurge (in my defense, I’d always wanted that Huda Beauty liquid lipstick, and the Stila one in that gorgeous pinky coral. Oh! And, also that Tarte lipstick with the cute beachy packaging... Okay, I might have got a little bit carried away...). 

Anyway, (ignoring my slightly worrying case of retail therapy, note to self: get that checked out ASAP) after a visit to Sephora's flagship store in Paris, the time had finally arrived to cave into my skincare dreams and test out the Sephora face masks. Are they really worth all of my previous yearning for? 

Price:   Sephora sheet masks range from €1.99 (current sale price) to €4.99 (the masks pictured above). The price is fairly reasonable - around the mark of your typical drugstore alternative - give or take a euro or two. Although, they do add up...The three of these masks combined total up to €15. 
    Range: Like most brands in the U.S, Sephora offers a myriad of   choice for their sheet masks, which makes the decision-making process that extra bit more tricky. Do you go for green tea? Pineapple? Brightening? Detoxifying? Sephora will cater to all of your skin's demands.

The Primer Mask
You're one-stop solution to smooth, glowy and make-up ready skin! With just a 3 minute wearing time it makes this mask the ideal product for quick relaxation and giving your skin a helping hand prior to a party or important event. Obsessed.

The Bubble Mask
Now, I'm not sure how much this mask actually did for my skin...but some masks are just for fun, right? This mask was definitely fun. As the fifteen minutes draw to an end the mask will resemble something similar to a jacuzzi turned upto the max, and it's strangely satisfying...

The Charcoal Mask
If you often find that charcoal masks leave your face feeling tight and dry - bygone to those days! The Sephora Charcoal mask has all of the regular benefits of a charcoal mask (smoothing, pore-minimizing), whilst averting the slight dullness that most charcoal masks leave you with.

Verdict: Hit!



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