This post contains gifted Products*

What do you get when you combine fresh, natural ingredients, a unique scent and luxurious, Insta-worthy packaging - the answer? A Shay & Blue fragrance, of course! 

Shay & Blue is an award-winning London perfumery, blessing the world with a vast array of dreamy scented fragrances; ranging from Blood Orange to Blueberry Musk - there's something for everyone! They have recently teamed up with ASOS (I know, awesome duo) to create a handful of exclusive, unisex fragrances.  

"Left to mature for over three months, each blend is hand-poured into signature, smoky-blue glass bottles by a team of talented artisans. Made with real flowers, fruits and spices, expect fresh, natural scents that smell as good as they look." - ASOS

LILY LA LUXE - light scent spray gifted*
Like every wardrobe needs a basic white Tee, every perfume collection needs a Lily La luxe - it's just mandatory. A fragrance staple AND a floral lover's ultimate dream.

MANDARINE- light scent spray gifted* 
On the hunt for a fresh and fruity citrus blend that will gift you with 'ooh what are you wearing?' compliments from left, right and centre? Look no further!

VOULEZ VOUS - light scent spray gifted*
Infused with notes of espresso, white flowers and vanilla bean, the light and airy Voulez Vous calls for the perfect day to day scent.

Now, I'm no sidekick but I have pretty cinched feelings that these beauties will surge their way into my favorites this month. Not just because they smell as heavenly as they look or because their gorgeous packaging will deliver some top-notch Instagram content. But, in fact, because of all that Shay & Blue cater for: each one of their authentic products is cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Phthalate-free. We need more Shay & Blue's in the world!


How to Maximise your Travel Space

July has already zoomed by and we are now officially in, if not only a few calendar crosses away from the holiday season...Horray! But, what is more annoying than packing for your summer holiday only to realise that you don't even have enough room to squeeze in your new espadrilles that would've epitomised cute, Instagram beachwear? 

Well, every problem has a solution. 

Here are 6 simple ways to maximize travel space:

1) Pack inside of your shoes - they'll make the perfect home for socks and other small items that struggle to fit elsewhere!

2) Wear your biggest and heaviest items - packing a sweater for the evenings or even a light jacket will consume a substantial amount of space in your suitcase, so why not wear it to the airport instead?  

3) Roll your clothes (with items less prone to creasing) - If you usually fold your clothes, how about rolling them instead? It may just save you that extra bit of room to pack that Toblerone for the flight...

4) Know what to pack - You get home from holiday, unpack your suitcase and awkwardly realize that you've only worn two-thirds of what you initially packed. To avoid this scenario, only pack an item that you are 95% sure will get worn! (plus: it will make room for holiday purchases!)

5) Use hand luggage effectively - Instead of packing bulkier product into your suitcase, to save space pack these items in your hand luggage for the flight.

6) Sunglass cases are your heroes - To store loose pieces of jewelry and/ or earphones, place them inside of your sunglass case. This will also save you from the frustration of having to untangle your jewelry!

There we have it; simple and effective ways to help maximize your travel space. Let me know if you've tried any of these!

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