Our planet is effectively dying, and unless NASA emerges from a fairytale land far, far away to offer us an escape route to Mars, It's not looking too good down here for us Earthlings...

But, unlike a number of pollution-orientated articles, this post isn't focused on brainwashing you to believe that humanity is the epitome of ignorance and disregard for our future generation. Not at all. It's a simple reminder that yes, we are causing interminable damage to our planet. Yes, our biosphere is crying out for a fresh slate, free of such catastrophic emission rates and one colossal carbon footprint. And, yes, we will face a tragic scenario that will go down in history as the fall of mankind if we don't turn things around - and now. 
However, this doesn't mean defeat. There are a plethora of little things we can do in order to save a turtle or two (however hard consumerism makes that for us).
At the end of the day; the essence of every single economy is growth. And - in a world where plastic and rising emission rates is the living definition of growth - we've ended up compromising the safety and conservation of our planet for growth. And I don't know about you...but this makes me mad. Industries may not be on board, but we can be. Society: it's time to rebel.

1) Say no to face wipes
Did you know that face wipes take approximately 100 years to decompose? Maybe it's time to make the switch to reusable skincare products - brands including Simple have recently released biodegradable face wipes.

2) Don't waste napkins 
Are you guilty of taking one too many napkins at a restaurant, only to end up throwing it away? USA figures show that stopping this could save around a billion pounds of space in landfills.

3) Turn the tap off whilst brushing teeth
2 minutes a day. 2 times a day. 730 times a year.

4) No more 30-minute showers
Shortening your shower time by a meagre 2 minutes can save up to ten whole gallons of water. What are you waiting for?

5) Reuse water bottles
Around 90% of the plastic water bottles that could be recycled actually end up in landfills. Make the switch to reusable bottles.

6) Plant a tree
A bit of an odd one, perhaps, but an excellent way to not only shade and add value to your home, but to cleanse the atmosphere.

7) By locally sourced produce - or don't...
Buying locally sourced produce will save the pollution caused by transportation. Although, i do wonder; why is it always so much more expensive?

8) Turn off the lights
Standard, I know. But, turning off the light when nobody is in the room makes a fundamental difference.

9) Recycle your phone
Has your phone reached the end of its life? Ready to upgrade? Instead of throwing it in landfill (which can lead to the toxins in the cell battery leaking into the cell battery). Donate your phone to charity or give it to a friend.

10) Reduce your junk mail
How many letters do you receive that you toss straight in the bin without even bothering to open it? There are some services where you can choose to opt out of receiving this junk mail - and not only is this beneficial to the environment but, also, who can be bothered to open junk mail anyway?

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