How to Wear Pink

Let me guess...95% of your wardrobe's beloved outfits chiefly consist of neutrals? Yes, that's right. Neutrals. I'm talking cream, beige, black, grey and white - your Go To's. Aka; boring. Oh no! Don't be embarrassed. Even I'm guilty of it. But don't you think it's a little routine? Safe, perhaps? The transition into Spring provokes a time for change, and thousands of influencers are on board - bombarding our Instagram feeds with a sea of photo's rocking outfits in every shade of pink: from fushcia to sugar pink.

It's unprecedented. Quirky. Fun. And - if you thought it couldn't get any better - pink is proven to be one of the few colours that universally flatters every skin tone. Horray! 

Find your pink
If you thought Do's and Don'ts only thrived in schools, I'm afraid you're mistaken; fashion is basically one big, giant rulebook. Although, unlike school, whether you conform to it is elective. (But, I will say this: choose carefully, it's surprisingly easy to be washed out or look blocky when wearing pink..)

This stage relies solely on trial and error. Very pale, blush hues can often wash you out, especially on lighter skin tones. Whereas bolder, more striking pinks such as fuschia or hot pink can appear harsh or jar against your skin tone ( so they may work best on the lower half: shorts or trousers).
Softer, creamier pink hues will suit the majority of skin tones.

Jumping into the deep end with a colour like pink can be fairly daunting (and also look blocky), so the elegant and contemporary way to wear pink is in a simple and minimal form that you can dress up for the more formal occasion, or down for a more laid back environment.

A Bright Accessory
A bright accessory is a great way to spread some added cheer onto an otherwise boring, neutral outfit.

So, what do you say? Read to release your inner Regina George and amplify it to the max? I vote in. 'On everyday we wear pink'. 

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