The Little Café at the End of the Pier by Helen Rolfe | Review & Interview

What do you get when you combine a compelling storyline, five - star narration and a lil' bit of soothing, seaside bliss?

Answer: The Little Café at the End of the Pier (aka; the one book I implore you to get your hands on this year - if you are a warm, cosy and romantic book fanatic - or, in fact, if you're not).

Here's a little bit of voluntary information about me: I'm an open-minded, what was likely identify as an 'easy-going book enthusiast'. Put it simply; I'll read pretty much any genre that I'm served as long at it has that compelling factor that accordingly submerges me into a fictional, enticing realm.

It's common knowledge that only a meagre percentage of people even consider picking up a book in this quintessential age of Instagram (where pretty much everyone is ambushed with a severe diagnosis of FOMO: fear of missing out). But - without sounding like some kind of nagging ambassador for reading - it's times like these when you get the opportunity to relax and rewind that you recall the importance of indulging in a good book.

And that's exactly what The Little Café at the end of the pier is - a good book. Take a look at the blurb:

'When Jo's beloved grandparents ask for her help in running their little café in Salthaven-on-Sea, she jumps at the chance. Determined to serve up a little romance alongside her delicious cooking. Jo begins to set up Salthaven's lonely hearts on blind dates, each with a specially designed menu. But could her own love story be just around the corner...?'

Ahhh...just reading that small snippet makes me want to delve back into the book again from the very beginning! If i had to pinpoint one aspect of this book I really enjoyed, it would have to be the intricate detail; it's the little things: the daily menu change at the Café, the mouthwatering recipes and the large and engaging insight into each and every resident's life at Salthaven. 

The list is interminable.

I could go on and on about this novel until you're all sick of reading my writing, so before I ramble on any longer, the wonderful author of the Little Café at the End of the Pier kindly agreed to answer some questions about the book for you guys!

Question Time:

1)What inspired you to write The Little Café at the End of the Pier?

"The Little Café at the End of the Pier was a collaboration between myself and Orion Publishing. Publishing Director, the wonderful Clare Hey, and myself discussed an idea which was quintessentially British and set at the seaside and as well as being cosy, would hold a little bit of mystery. And so the planning began for the storyline, the characters, and all the twists and turns". 

2)Throughout the novel, Jo seems to display an avid interest in baking and constructing mouthwatering recipes. Is baking a hobby you enjoy yourself?

"I loved baking once upon a time but don't seem to do as much nowadays, I'm too busy writing or reading. But I love trying new foods and I was permanently hungry writing this novel with all of Jo's delicious recipes!"

3) For aspiring writers, what would be your top tip for writing a successful book?

"My top tip for aspiring writers is to never give up. Actually, there are so many different tips! Sitting at your desk or wherever you choose to write is one of the most important things too. A book won't write itself, it's hard work and a slog, but if you are determined and refuse to stop writing, you'll get there".

4) Have you always wanted to pursue a career in writing? (and if not, what did you want to do?)

"I wanted to be a journalist for years. Then I fell into an I.T career after University, until finally, I got back to where I wanted to be. I wrote freelance articles for health and fitness magazines which I loved, then began a Masters in Writing which led me to realising I wanted to write a book". 

5) The Little Café at the end of the Pier seems to have us all hooked! Are there any plans for a sequel?

"No plans for a sequel yet, but you never know. I have plenty more plans for future books though, so watch this space". 

There we have it! A small insight into the wonderful 'The Little Café at the End of the Pier' and Helen's advice for aspiring writers.

Have you read The little Café at the end of the Pier?

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