Yearly Favourites | Best Of 2018

I think it's safe to say that 2018's been and gone - but what goodies are here to stay?

Homeware Favourites:

 - Primark Home Letter Board - £6

 - Primark Home Plant - £8 (Primark Home killed it this year)

Chickadee Gold Wire Magazine Holder

Cococnut Lane Moon & Star Ring (Lilyloves20 for 20% off!)

Pandora Princess Wish Ring

Fragrance Favourite:
Gucci Bloom

Skincare Favourites
Dermalogica Daily Skin Health range

Gold Collagen Hydrogel mask

Makeup Favourites:

Sephora Favourites Lip Set

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

Happy New Year!

The Beauty and Homeware Site Everybody's Talking About

Hiya Guys! How's your lead up to Christmas going? I'd love to know!

 How's mine going? Well, my advent calendar melted on the 10th, I haven't uploaded since November and my site's statistics really aren't letting me forget that...However, every cloud has a silver lining (we're all about those #positivevibes round' here) - I'm coming back in full swing; a new post is being written, my statistics are beginning to soar once again and oh, trust me... I've definitely compensated for those 10 doors I missed (we love you, dairy milk <3)  

Ahhh, sorry. There's me getting sidetracked on my life - #justbloggerthings. What today's post is really evolved around is the world's most stunning website, coconut lane.

You probably know this homeware, beauty & jewelry store like the back of your hand, due to the likes of famous influencers (including Zoella) continuously singing their love and praise for it.  

And now, I'm pleased to announce that I too am an ambassador of the brand, a 'Coconut Queen'  (save the curtsey's for later...JK!)  Essentially, what this means for you guys is pretty awesome.

 I'm sure by now you're probably frantically scurrying Coconut Lane's Website whilst saying, 'that's going straight in my basket' to approximately every item on the site (and understandably so). However, slow down. Hold it a minute. See that small grey box at checkout, labeled 'Gift Card or Discount Code'? Spotted It? Awesome, because this is where you can enter your 20% off discount code:'lilyloves20'. Okay. Now you can continue! 

In all seriousness, this store is blogger's PARADISE. From the sleek and stylish MacBook cases to the fun and fruity lip balms.

Take a look at what I picked up:

The Moon and Star ring

Beauty Balm - Total Babe

Wall Art

Photo Credit: @hello_jodie 

Marble Phone Skin

Cute, right? All the products are such great quality, and the attention to detail is phenomanol; whoever assembles the parcles deserves an award for throwing in free discount codes and cute notes! 

I can't wait to see what goodies you guys pick up!

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