4 Easy Tips & Tricks for them Insta Worthy Curls (without heat!)

Yep. That's correct. 

Big hair is back.

 Like, F'real. And, I guess ... it never really left. However, now more than ever has the desire for voluminous hair been at its peak and the sales for curlers soaring. We can conclude this, of course, from the trails of every celebrity and influencer, roaming the streets of Instagram - each emanating a sea of photos into our feed, consisting of curly haired Insta models.

However, (unlike some trends), this isn’t just a short-term bandwagon we jump on because we want to simulate sheep. Nuh-uh. It's because it looks bloomin’ cute.

Take a look at these illustrious celeb's recent photo's  (rocking the voluminous hair), for instance:






Although we may not be able to match these Insta stars colossal followings, we can replica their hairstyles - and that's got to count for something, right?  

So, want to hear the rundown on the best tips and products for creating big hair? Keep on reading!


  • Braiding your hair: Wait until hair is 70% dry before braiding two halves of your hair to your kneck (adding hair along the way). ++ For extra curliness, do multiple plaits!

  •  The Headband method: Twist your hair around a headband, repeatedly, throughout the full lengths of your hair. The smaller you make your sections, the tighter the ringlets, vice-versa! 

  • Try a Volumizing Shampoo: followed by a curl enhancing mousse/gel, then leave hair to air dry!

  • Pin it up: Once hair is washed, conditioned and mostly dry (about 80%), gather a small, 1/2- inch section of your hair  (the smaller, the tighter the curls) and start twisting your hair until it somewhat resembles a rope! Then, wrap the hair around each other - forming a twisted bun. Secure with a bobby pin and grab a good nights sleep. Voila!                   


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