3 Times The Beauty Industry Conned Us All

*The following post isn't aimed at every brand, just the Beauty Industry in general!

The two most beloved yet contentious words: Beauty Industry. 

Like most things in life, the Beauty industry is invariably evolving with the time. Despite being shamefully notorious for generating a lack of shade variety, displaying meager diversity and promoting animal cruelty: the industry is desperately attempting to rectify these problems with expansive shade ranges and a colossal increase in vegan cosmetics (not to say that the prior issues have all been resolved).

However, this time, it isn't a scandal that's left all beauty enthusiasts raging at home. Nuh-uh. These are cases where the industry got a lil' too money hungry, constructing these, suspiciously revolutionary, beauty innovations!
  1. The eyebrow stamp 
"Wait, so you're telling me I can create cute, Insta-worthy brows in just 3 seconds?"

"Urmmm, don't mind if I do!"

Photo by: Macey J.Foronda / BuzzFeed

Photo by: Macey J.Foronda / BuzzFeed
"Ummm...right...okay, *nervous laugh*, maybe I'll just stick to my good ol' pencil!"

2. Stainless steel mascara
Yep. You heard me. Stainless Steel. Y'know, like the metal, not typically known for putting in dangerously close proximity to your eyeball?
When this arrived on my search engine there were exactly two thoughts cascading through my mind:

1)'What sort of abomination have they come up with this time...'
2)'Huh, I don't remember clicking on the Amazon 'home and Garden' section...'

Photo: Jennifer Mulrow / Glamour

Photo: Jennifer Mulrow / Glamour
Photo: Hourglass

Photo: Hourglass

I have to give it to Hourglass for not making this a complete and utter rip-off, though. The results are pretty good. The Packaging gets next level Boujee points and, wow, can we just talk about how bloomin' beautiful this would look sitting on your dresser?!

But is it really anything your trusty drugstore alternative can't pull off? I think not. And for a whopping $78.00...I think I'll continue with my Lash Sensational!

3.Lower Lash Mascara 
Even the title of it sounds like it's worthy of winning 2018's biggest gimmick award.

I mean, maybe, I'm just being a little too critical...
There's got to be some people who get use out of this thing, right?

Huh, I guess my Instagram poll states otherwise...

So, there we have it! Three times the beauty industy conned us all, big time!


50 Autumn Blog Post Ideas For When You Just Can't think


The dreaded writer's block...

Get's us every time, eh!

Hinders every ounce of our passion, obstructs the flow of our creative juices, and - most aggravatingly - emboldens the easy route for any blogger, procrastination. 

But we're troopers 'round here, right?

Of course, we are! Sometimes we just need a little abetment - some inspiration, an incentive maybe.

Today, I yearn to suffice that role of 'inspiration'. Here are 50 Autumn blog post ideas:

  • How to take the ultimate autumn photo
  • Autumn Bucket List
  • 10 Things to do this Season
  • Autumn Baking recipes
  • Autumn Outfit Inspiration
  • 'I bought a weeks worth of autumnal clothing from (a store of your choice) and here's what I think...'
  • How to accessorise in Autumn
  • Top 5 seasons/ films to binge in the 'pumpkin spiced' season
  • What books to cosy up with this season
  • How to turn your wardrobe from boring to autumn heaven
  • How to pamper yourself this fall
  • What beauty items to treat yourself to this autumn
  • Halloween makeup tutorial
  • The best costumes available this Halloween
  • What's in my Fall makeup bag
  • Favourite blogs to follow during the Fall season
  • How to decorate your room (on a budget)
  • The best 'autumn' scented candles around
  • DIY autumn room decor ideas
  • How to make the ultimate pumpkin spiced latte
  • What's on trend this Fall
  • How to dress for rainy weather
  • How to organise your wardrobe this autumn
  • How to stay healthy this Fall
  • 5 fitness tips to get you feeling good this Autumn
  • How to create the ultimate autumn playlist
  • Healthy (but tasty) Halloween treats
  • How to incorporate Pumpkin into your baking routine
  • How to plan your 'best fall yet'
  • Affordable Halloween Decor
  • How to throw the best Halloween party/gathering
  • Tips on how to do a 'budget friendly' Halloween
  • Autumn organisation tips & tricks
  • How to take Fall photos at night
  • Top photography tips for Autumn
  • How to stay productive on rainy days
  • How to manage your time better this season
  • How you create an autumnal feed
  • Hashtags to start using this season
  • How to thrive on Instagram this Autumn
  • 5 places to go this Fall
  • Where to travel to this season
  • Weekend getaway ideas
  • What's in my bag: Autumn Edition
  • Autumn essentials
  • How to keep warm (and look good) this season
  • Top rated fall activities
  • Fall study tips
  • How to prevent dry skin this autumn
  • Autumn Blog post ideas!


4 Easy Tips & Tricks for them Insta Worthy Curls (without heat!)

Yep. That's correct. 

Big hair is back.

 Like, F'real. And, I guess ... it never really left. However, now more than ever has the desire for voluminous hair been at its peak and the sales for curlers soaring. We can conclude this, of course, from the trails of every celebrity and influencer, roaming the streets of Instagram - each emanating a sea of photos into our feed, consisting of curly haired Insta models.

However, (unlike some trends), this isn’t just a short-term bandwagon we jump on because we want to simulate sheep. Nuh-uh. It's because it looks bloomin’ cute.

Take a look at these illustrious celeb's recent photo's  (rocking the voluminous hair), for instance:






Although we may not be able to match these Insta stars colossal followings, we can replica their hairstyles - and that's got to count for something, right?  

So, want to hear the rundown on the best tips and products for creating big hair? Keep on reading!


  • Braiding your hair: Wait until hair is 70% dry before braiding two halves of your hair to your kneck (adding hair along the way). ++ For extra curliness, do multiple plaits!

  •  The Headband method: Twist your hair around a headband, repeatedly, throughout the full lengths of your hair. The smaller you make your sections, the tighter the ringlets, vice-versa! 

  • Try a Volumizing Shampoo: followed by a curl enhancing mousse/gel, then leave hair to air dry!

  • Pin it up: Once hair is washed, conditioned and mostly dry (about 80%), gather a small, 1/2- inch section of your hair  (the smaller, the tighter the curls) and start twisting your hair until it somewhat resembles a rope! Then, wrap the hair around each other - forming a twisted bun. Secure with a bobby pin and grab a good nights sleep. Voila!                   

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