I tried re-useable eyelashes and here’s what I think


“Lol, do you remember those tiny tubes of lash glue?”

“Omg yeah, haha, so last century!”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more unprecedented than the eyebrow stamp. Oh. how you were wrong... 

Back in 2017, Onetwocosmetics dropped the latest beauty innovation - magnetic eyelashes.

And the beauty world were here for it. No, in fact, they went crazy for it; willing to splash out $69 pound for a pair, to be precise.

However, your girl here’s not made of money - sadly. So subsequently, I’ll be testing another popular brand’s (Ardell) more budget friendly alternative.

Ardell Magnetic Accents 
Photo: Boots.com

Value for money?
Caving in at £13.99, say you wore these lashes everyday for a month, they would add up to approximately £0.45 a day, a whopping £5.55 cheaper than your standard (one time use) £6 lashes (which would cost £186 to wear everyday for a month).

But do they work? 

Or is all this just a little too good to be true?

How they applied
I'm just going get straight to the point here. These. Were. A. Nightmare. To. Apply.

The technique took me ages to acquire and, oh, my goodness. The amount of times I lost them. It was like a constant wild goose chase, manically hunting for a pair of falsies that had gone astray (and as for where the lashes actually went off to...well, more often than not they were showing off their ability to stick on to my mirror, eyelash curler, tweezers and eyeshadow palette. Oh, and my other eyeshadow palette.)

Yeah, these falsies weren't quite as 'simply effortless' to apply as Boots suggested.
However, once you've got the technique down to a T (which took about a day) they apply LIKE A DREAM!!!

3 day wear test

  • These lashes DO NOT BUDGE!!! (my eyes even began to well up at one point but"nuh-uh!", these weren't moving anywhere.
  • After the third day of trial and error (not tryin'a brag) but I became a proper pro at the application! So, if you're concerned about the application, it becomes super easy!
  • It doesn't feel as though you've got magnetic fields chillin' on the surface of your lash line - in fact, I often forgot I was even wearing them!

  • How They Look/ Worth it?
    Willing to cope with all the faff in the first 24 hours of finding the technique? Then these are 1000,000,000% worth it! They are brilliant for accentuating the outer corners of your lashes and achieving a natural, fluttery look. Obsessed.

    Have you tried magnetic lashes?


    1. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of these and will have to try them someday!
      Xo, Ashley / https://thehoneyscoop.com/5-pairs-of-cute-shoes-you-can-walk-to-class-in/

    2. Great post Lily! I often wonder if fake eyelashes would be uncomfortable but if you forgot you were wearing them, that’s gotta be a good thing! <3 xx

      Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

      1. Thanks for reading! They were surprisingly comfortable for sure!x

    3. The application part is definitely the hardest but with a bit of patience and practice it can be done! I love the Demi Wispies myself! Great post xxx

      ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    4. I've heard a couple of things about magnetic eyelashes and thought they sounded so difficult to apply. I had no idea Ardell did some. I neeeeed to get some. Lovely post!


      1. I had no idea Ardell sold them either but it means they're so much more accessable! They definitley get a lot easier to apply! :)


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