Eyewake Unique Formula Collagen Gel

*This post contains gifted products.

Here's a quick question for you all: what is our biggest organ?

*insert your mental answer here

Got it yet?

Uh-huh. That's correct. Skin. Adults carrying roughly 8 pounds of it - to be exact.

Our Skin's Practically Sharpay - the biggest and the best!

Consequently, we often show it the deserving appreciation for keeping us humans...well...humans, through the use of various skincare items (moisturisers, face masks, body scrubs, etc.) It's just human decency, right? 

However, although us humans are notorious for taking good care with our skin...there is actually one vital part of it which, although, should be a mandatory skincare step, alternatively doesn't always seem to get the substantial attention.

That's why today I'm here to introduce you all to this lil' gem!

The Eyewake Unique Formula Collagen Gel contains powerful ingredients (including Cucumber and Eldeflower) to quickly and effectively sooth puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Furthermore, this multi-functional skincare saviour can also be used all over the face and as a primer (for a flawless makeup base).

Sounds luxurious, right? Well, it is! From the Ingredients right down to the formula and results. Just without the hefty price tag. What would we do without half price deals, eh?

With my skin feeling/looking healthier, hydrated and super soothed...I think it's safe to say this product is worth giving a try for yourself!

 I'd love to hear how you've gotten on with it!



  1. Me: SKIN!
    Glad to read I was right haha, thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Haha yay! You’re welcome and thanks so much for reading! Xx

  2. Ahh yesss our skin!! I am such a skincare junkie!! This gel sounds amazing, Im definitely going to look into it!! xx


    1. Yayyy, so happy you love be the sound of it!Xx

  3. This products looks perfect for that youthful refreshed look!


  4. Oh, I've never heard of Eyewake but it's been interesting learning a little more about the product. I'm always down for a product that helps my skin!


    1. It's so effective, definitely deserves more recognition!


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