6 Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer

Ahhh. Summer. Humid ol' summer. The season of tossing and turning in bed whilst we desperately yearn over a cool refreshing breeze.

We've all been there.

Turning the pillow over to reach the cool side.

Placing the ice cold water bottle on your skin to relieve the heat.

It happens every summer.

It's just part of life. Not much we can do, right?


It may seem insurmountable but we can beat the heat.

What? There are other ways of keeping cool besides the occasional ice lolly? Woah. You learn new things everyday...

How to stay cool this summer:

1. Fans
Let's get the obvious (but extremely effective) one out of the way.
And if you want to get into all the 'science-y' stuff about how fans 'technical-yyy' make the room cooler - go ahead. Although, don't come crying to me when you're boiling your head off in serious demand of some cool air.

2. Face Sprays
There's nothing quite like a fresh, hydrating face spray to sooth your heat drenched skin. And yes, there are other alternatives out there other than Mario badescu rosewater face spray. Like these:

3. Go old school
Who needs air conditioning when you can just go old school? Like flasks, hot water bottles (although not as their name suggests) can keep you cool too. Who would've thought? They will adapt to your cool temperature requirements regarding you put the water filled bottle in the freezer before hand. Quite simple really.

4. Take a cold shower
Ever thought about ditching the warm bubble bath for a cool refreshing shower?

5. Drink. Drink. And drink
B.O.R.I.N.G! But annoyingly H20 is the way to go when it comes to surviving the summer sun. Have regular water intakes throughout the day rather than downing two litres just before bed (unless you're really into them early morning bathroom runs).

6. Relax
Yep. You heard it here first. There is a great reason to drop everything, sit back and relax. Go on. Spread the word.

To keep cool, it's pretty simple really; we need to exert as little energy as possible. To do this it's equally as simple, sit back and let off some steam! 

There we have it, six simple tricks to keep cool this summer. I thought this post was very much necessary through this very long summer heatwave we're experiencing in the UK!


  1. Great post, exactly what I need to read! Thanks for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. This is so applicable right now in this UK heat! I've never tried a face spray but I don't know why...also, that hot water bottle trick is genius! Thanks for sharing x
    Natasha | FloralsAndCoralsx

    1. You’re welcome! I thought this post was long due because of this UK heat wave, face sprays definitely a life changer!:)

  3. Cold showers, cold drinks and loose baggy (breatheable) clothing is how I survive summer. Though here in Australia we physically need Air conditioners because are summer is frighteningly hot.


    1. I can’t even imagine how hot it must be in Australia! In the Uk we’re usually lucky to even reach 30 degrees!

  4. Lol I loved this post! I live in Washington and the apartments here don't have air conditioners so there's been a couple HOT days. Despite the heat, I am sad this summer is going by quickly. Facial sprays and water are a must. I admit I do own the Mario Badescu rosewater spray lol! #basic

    xx, Des

  5. Ooo I bet it’s lovely in Washington! Haha I actually own it too (and really like it) but feel there’s so may other great and underhyped options out there! :)

  6. Have been using facial sprays non=stop recently, couldn't be without them in the heat x


  7. facial mists are the best!


  8. I love face mists to cool down a bit ! I used to think they would melt down my makeup but if I fan it a bit, it dries quicker and then it doesn't! such a good tip ;-)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

    1. Thanks I love face mist too, so refreshing!

  9. These wonderful tricks are really best for summer.
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  10. These are all such amazing tips. I also find that freezing a wet flannel is great for cooling down in summer xx


    1. Ooo that sounds like a great way for cooling down, thanks!

  11. Ice water has always been my trick to staying cool in the heat!


    1. How did I forget that one!? It’s so refreshing!

  12. It's so hot in Florida, I could hardly bare it. I love to go to the pool or use ice packs. I heard damp cloths on the skin is really good too!


    1. Ooo I bet it's super hot in Florida, going to the pool is my all time favourite way to cool down (although most people don't have a pool in the UK as we hardly ever need one haha!)

    2. I love your total concept. Drink. But drink and drinking water is the best.


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