The Must-Have Summer Fragrance

I know what you may be thinking, 'hold your horses, Summer hasn't kicked off quite yet'.

True. And that will remain 'true' until June 21st (Summer, please hurry up).

However... we like to be prepared around here - don’t come running to me when June 21st sneaks up behind your back and you realize the  ‘perfect summer fragrance’ you envisioned hasn’t magically appeared on your dresser.

That's where this comes into play. Gucci have compiled all our summer cravings into one (beautifully packaged) bottle.

*It’s also got extra bonus points for being super insta worthy!

You've all heard of it. Gucci Bloom.

Now, we all know that if some sort of 'fragrance describer' Oscar were to exist, I would be last on the list for nominations...

The only way for me to describe it would be with three words, eighteen letters - a floral phenomenon.
With notes of tuberose and Jasmine, this perfume will transport you into your own floral realm.

If you're not ready to fully cave into the hype, Gucci's here for you. The 'Bloom' range is available in all different sizes and collections.

  • The Big Bottle - 150ml (because who likes that heartbreaking last spritz?)
  • The Medium bottle - 100ml (not too big, not too small)
  • The Little Bottle (Because everything better in mini)
  •  The full package. (Go big or go home, am I right?)

Have you tried Gucci Bloom? Are you as obsessed as I am



  1. I haven't tried Gucci Bloom! It sounds lovely though. I have Gucci Flora in my collection, it's my fav xx

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog


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