How To Get Your Glow On This Summer

Ask anyone. Age eighteen - eighty. What's the secret behind perfect Summer skin. The answer will be scaringly similar. Glow. 


We want that glow 24/7 - no objections. But throw Summer into the equation and you'll find sale rates increasing in your local drugstore as 99.9% of the population are avidly swarming over the highlight and illuminating section - in sheer search for that dewy and radiant glow. And understandably so; who doesn't want the impression they've been jetting off to Malibu to soak up those sun rays (when in reality the only flight you've taken is up the stairs to bed)?

That's why today's post will be centred around my favourite product for providing that radiant boost to your skin.

Zoella Body Fondant

Okay, strait off the bat...THE PACKAGING! I mean, just look at it. If that isn't enough to make you want to bolt off to Superdrug, maybe I can tempt you with the fact that this is macaron scented? Or perhaps I can pursuade you with knowing that this was on sale from £10 down to £2 at Superdrug?

The product comes equipped with a (very cute) sponge which makes applying this 'irresistibly smooth' formula a dream.(You get a pretty decent amount of product too - especially for £2!)

Most importantly, it lives up to its claims of  illuminating the skin and providing a natural and healthy glow.

My favourite makeup + skin care for that natural,buildable and 'sun-kissed' glow:

Have you tried the Zoella Body Fondant? Let me know your favourite Summer products are in the comments!



  1. Love the Zoella packaging, and what a bargain that you got it for £2!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Ikr, I litteraly can’t believe it was only £2!

  2. What a bargain - I love the Zoella products, I have a few in my selection but this I must try :) x

  3. £10 down to £2 is such a good deal! I don't go into Superdrug enough but with deals like these, I'm tempted to change my mind. :D

    Sneha |

    1. I know right, I hope this deal lasts a while, so tempted to stock up!!

  4. I'm always about the glow all year round! I'm addicted to highlighters (the more intense the better) as well as dewy foundations!

    1. I love an intense highlight too, mainly in the Winter!


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