50 Summer Blog Post Ideas

As mentioned in my previous 'blog post ideas' (which you can read here) the difficulties regarding a creative rut are real. And what's worse? They can take what feels like a lifetime to fade.

Don't worry.

There is a cure.

Voila! I present to you: 50 further blog post ideas (because the previous 50 just weren't enough...) delineated for our favourite season of all - Summer.

  • How to cope with the Summer heat
  • Travel essentials
  • What's in your carry-on
  • Travel life hacks
  • Summer life hacks
  • Favourite natural, 'glowy' makeup
  • Summer makeup routine
  • Instagram chooses my 'summer day in the life'
  • Tanning routine
  • Testing best rated highlighters
  • 10 things to do this Summer
  • Lightweight summer skincare
  • How to get that summer glow
  • Summer workout routine
  • Healthy summer meals
  • How to revamp your Insta feed in time for summer
  • Cute summer homeware
  • Summer inspired lookbook
  • Summer travel diaries
  • Favourite summer fragrance
  • How to get beach waves
  • Cute and easy summer hairstyles
  • How to mend your sleep schedule in time for summer
  • Why and how you should stay hydrated
  • Top summer clothing essentials 
  • How to avoid over/under packing
  • Books to read this summer
  • Shows to binge-watch this summer
  • How to protect your skin this summer
  • How to treat sunburn
  • How to treat hay fever 
  • 10 reasons to get outside
  • Hotel/holiday reviews
  • Favourite summer moisturisers/bb creams
  • How to take cute summer pics
  • Summer Insta prop ideas
  • Summer tips and advice
  • Affordable summer fashion 2018
  • Summer jewellery worth splurging on
  • Fashion trends worth following this summer
  • Ultimate summer playlist
  • What's in my beach bag
  • How to eat healthy this summer
  • Best 'glow enhancing' products
  • 3 restaurants/ cafés you need to eat at this season
  • The perfect gift guide for those summer birthdays
  • Top summer nail polish picks.

I hope you found this useful - these posts never look like a lot but trust me... they take a whole lot of brainstorming! P.s whoever counts how many times I've written 'summer' in this post gets a virtual high five!

Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara Review

Back in February the beauty world fled to their nearest stocking store to grab Benefit’s latest launch - the BADGal Bang mascara .

Benefit obtained a lot of pressure to fulfil the expectations of the highly anticipating customers. I mean...what could possibly replace the likes of 'Roller Lash'?

Answer: BADgal Bang

And here's why.

When I read that this innovation is one of the 'lightest know materials' containing 'aero-particles' 'derived from space technology', well, I was speechless. Like, (don't get me wrong), I knew makeup was all 'science-y' and everything but...Benefit are really taking things up a notch here.

Being an elevation of the original bad gal mascara (which I wasn't a huge fan of), I was a little skeptical on trying this one.

Although, the proof's in the pudding...and this one's pretty incredible (as evident in the second photo)

Within one single swipe of this mascara my lashes were evenly coated (and clump free) in an intense black pigment. It lengthened my lashes substantially and the dramatic volume is the cherry on the top - and totally buildable. 

P.s no transfer occurred! 

Available in full or travel size.

Needless to say, I would 100% recommend giving this a go - an unconventional product (with transforming results) from an unconventional brand.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried this?


How To Get Your Glow On This Summer

Ask anyone. Age eighteen - eighty. What's the secret behind perfect Summer skin. The answer will be scaringly similar. Glow. 


We want that glow 24/7 - no objections. But throw Summer into the equation and you'll find sale rates increasing in your local drugstore as 99.9% of the population are avidly swarming over the highlight and illuminating section - in sheer search for that dewy and radiant glow. And understandably so; who doesn't want the impression they've been jetting off to Malibu to soak up those sun rays (when in reality the only flight you've taken is up the stairs to bed)?

That's why today's post will be centred around my favourite product for providing that radiant boost to your skin.

Zoella Body Fondant

Okay, strait off the bat...THE PACKAGING! I mean, just look at it. If that isn't enough to make you want to bolt off to Superdrug, maybe I can tempt you with the fact that this is macaron scented? Or perhaps I can pursuade you with knowing that this was on sale from £10 down to £2 at Superdrug?

The product comes equipped with a (very cute) sponge which makes applying this 'irresistibly smooth' formula a dream.(You get a pretty decent amount of product too - especially for £2!)

Most importantly, it lives up to its claims of  illuminating the skin and providing a natural and healthy glow.

My favourite makeup + skin care for that natural,buildable and 'sun-kissed' glow:

Have you tried the Zoella Body Fondant? Let me know your favourite Summer products are in the comments!


5 Blogs Worth Reading

Step aside Vogue, because today I'm going to be sharing 5 (incredible) bloggers that deserve A TONNE more recognition.

 Basically, if there was a blogosphere that deemed perfection - these would be the contenders.

 So, on the hunt for some new, compelling content? Look no further!

1- http://rosetintedpics.co.uk - Fancy new and relevant beauty, baking and lifestyle posts flooding though your subscription box? You can for sure rely on this gal'.
2- https://sophiehearts.net - If regular, quality content is a must, Sophie's got your back.
3-  https://luxuryblush.co.uk - Hannah from Luxury Blush delivers all things beauty, baking & lifestyle right to your computer screens - and the cutest photos!
4- http://zoe-ware.com - From makeup reviews to photography challenges - Zoë's got you covered!
5- http://lifewithsneha.com - Regular beauty, fashion, food and travel inspiration sound up your street? Go check out Sneha's website!

There we have it. Sorry this post is so short but I wasn't planning on doing another post this week so it's just a little something' extra if you fancied some new content to read! Thanks for reading!


50 Blog Post Ideas

Quality content is paramount to pretty much all aspects of blogging. 

Think about the audience: they’ve taken the time out of their day to click on your post, it may as well be a semi - worthwhile read, right? 

 However, when you want to produce compelling content once or even multiple times per week…that’s when things start to progress towards the brain freeze point.

Do you ever have a mental block? You're not alone. Here's what to bookmark and look back to when you find yourself in a creative rut.

How To's: 
5 Ways:
Makeup ideas:


The Must-Have Summer Fragrance

I know what you may be thinking, 'hold your horses, Summer hasn't kicked off quite yet'.

True. And that will remain 'true' until June 21st (Summer, please hurry up).

However... we like to be prepared around here - don’t come running to me when June 21st sneaks up behind your back and you realize the  ‘perfect summer fragrance’ you envisioned hasn’t magically appeared on your dresser.

That's where this comes into play. Gucci have compiled all our summer cravings into one (beautifully packaged) bottle.

*It’s also got extra bonus points for being super insta worthy!

You've all heard of it. Gucci Bloom.

Now, we all know that if some sort of 'fragrance describer' Oscar were to exist, I would be last on the list for nominations...

The only way for me to describe it would be with three words, eighteen letters - a floral phenomenon.
With notes of tuberose and Jasmine, this perfume will transport you into your own floral realm.

If you're not ready to fully cave into the hype, Gucci's here for you. The 'Bloom' range is available in all different sizes and collections.

  • The Big Bottle - 150ml (because who likes that heartbreaking last spritz?)
  • The Medium bottle - 100ml (not too big, not too small)
  • The Little Bottle (Because everything better in mini)
  •  The full package. (Go big or go home, am I right?)

Have you tried Gucci Bloom? Are you as obsessed as I am

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