Peak District

On Sunday 1st April, whilst Easter ceremony's were taking place all around, the banquet of chocolate would have to await as a journey to the other end of the country was about to commence.

The trip lasted two nights and for our stay we settled in a town you Buxton water fans may be familiar with. You guessed it, Buxton.

The county of Derbyshire offered a wide range of authentic, traditional towns and villages and displayed the finest scenery the Peak District provides.

The traditional English countryside certainly didn't lack or hold back on the activity front either; there was so much to do!

About a half hour walk from our hotel was the well known tourist attraction, Pooles Cavern,  which delved into the Peak Disticts magnificent cave.

One of the things that took be by surprise after visiting the Peak District was that you don't have to be some type of 'pro' at hiking to explore the wonderful landscapes - there are many walks that cater for less experienced walkers.

Saying that, you do have to come prepared. This is far from a shorts and sunglasses type of destination. Boots and scarfs are an essential and hats and gloves are a must. Unfortunately, on our second day the beast from the east 3 (uninvitedly) decided to stop by and leave the town in a white blanket of snow. 

If you've been pondering over the idea of exploring the Peak District, I hope this gave you that extra little nudge to tun that dream into a reality.



  1. So beautiful! I really want to visit the Peak District this summer - it's actually not TOO far away from where I live :)

    Sneha |

    1. It really is, fantastic scenery! You forget how beautiful the English countryside is when you’re living in a city the south of England!:)

  2. There's nothing better than a nice long walk in the British countryside! Nice post, looks like you had a fab Easter x

    Sophie |

    1. Definitely, thanks a lot, really enjoyed it!:)


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