How To Find The Perfect Lipstick For You

With over 1000 lipsticks available in Superdrug alone, it's not too onerous to find yourself in a wild goose chase amid a spiral of tubed pigments - sometimes it's possible to have TOO much choice (don't come at me).

Then there's the colour and finish. Are we going bold? Subtle? Matte? Gloss? The list is infinite.

I guess what I'm trying to vocalise is that the process of finding the perfect lipstick isn't a walk in the park; there's a lot to factor in.

If you tend to shy away from bold or vibrant colours, how about settling for something nude toned like this creamy long-lasting satin finish lipstick.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to opt for a classic, classy  statement lip that will never go out of trend. In which case, how about this one, widely loved by regular lipstick wearers.

A real quality lipstick should be more than just efficacious. It should make you feel Insta - worthy. Although, when you have just one minute remaining till you need to head out the door? That thought may seem a little too ambitious...

That's where this lil' guy will be your best friend - lining and filling in your lips in one go, on the go.

You can have your eggs fried, poached, scrambled or boiled, right? So why should the choice lack in lipstick?

This lipstick is the perfect ambassador for that - available in array of finishes and textures from matte to peals and crèmes. So if you fancy a non drying matte or crave a gleaming gloss, you know where to go.

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  1. Love this post! I am always having trouble trying to find a shade that fits me!

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

  2. This is such a helpful guide! I always see all these pretty lipsticks all over instagram but when I try them they always looks really weird on me. I will try some of your tips the next time I am buying a lipstick!

    1. Thank you, same here when I walk in to a store I just never know where to start! Glad it helped:)

  3. I love love your blog gives me so much inspration xx


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