How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

As a blogger, I know there's nothing worse than devoting hours upon hours to creating content in order for it to get no recognition. It's frustrating. You often end up questioning yourself:

There's one thing all of these questions have in common - they're all valid. Why is nobody reading? Well, it's not usually the content there's an issue with, instead it's another fundamental area, marketing. Think of it this way:

In this scenario, your blog and content is the cake. However, it is just awaiting the final touch - the candles (aka, marketing). 

To answer your question, below I have incorporated some effective ways to increase your blogs traffic. 

Before I continue, let's talk about why we're blogging...

Now, you may think this is a relatively strange thing to talk about, however, our motives are eminently important. If you are blogging solely for the purpose of fame/ money - with no real passion for the industry - stop now.

In most cases, it will take a substantial amount of time before you can start making a living off a blog.

 For the majority of you passionate bloggers out there, here's how to make the most out of your content:

You work so hard on the content of your main blog. Why give up on the headline? The few fundamental words that determine whether or not to click on a blog. Create something compelling; less is more. Keep the title true to the content, mark my words, nobody likes clickbait. Nobody.

In other words, be a recourse. Benefit the reader. You click on something to find something out, right? Whether that's a tutorial, 'How To', advice, tips, news, review etc. This doesn't have to apply for every blog, sometimes it's good to post something that's primarily for you and your fellow community. Although, if it's favourable to an audience, it's likely to attract a wider spectrum of people.

Let's appreciate the repetition of 'promote' - the emphasization is real. This stuff's important.

 Sharing your content via social media will give it the recognition it deserves. You can do this through sites such as:

...And for good reasons. If they enjoy the content, they keep coming back for more. They can rely on you for their (daily/weekly) dose of blog - and this often provokes the birth of a good ol' blogging community.

 This one sort of coincides with the promoting. They're best served together. Partners in crime. 
Maximising your traffic all boils down to what time you release it.

*mind blown*

Considering the world currently supports 24 time zones, it's difficult for me to cater to every single country. However, on average, posting between 1-4pm receives the most click throughs.

Anddddd that's a wrap. Although, if I haven't rambled on enough, I may do a part 2 ( believe it or not, this is 'How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog' in a nutshell).



  1. Love these tips! Definitely helpful, would love a part two! xx

    1. Glad it helped, should be making a part two soon!x

  2. I love this content. It really help.. definitely will come back for the part 2.. xo

  3. Loved reading this. :) You're so right about clickbait - I can't believe how many people still use it, though! It puts me off from reading further, it's just a hacky way of trying to get readers. Your content should speak for itself!

    Sneha |

    1. Thankyou:) I know right, it actually frustrates me so much that there's no way of knowing or stopping it!!


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