A Skincare Saviour

For those who have been living under a rock, Mario Badescu is a flourishing American skincare brand - broadly recognised for their iconic rose water facial spray (which we're all aware by now that I LOVE).

Slowly but surely I've been collating the brand's skincare, this time round I've elicited their highly rated enzyme cleansing gel.

So, step aside rosewater face spray...there's a new product in town.

Despite reading this description at the Mario Badescu stand in urban outfitters, I still felt an element of ambiguity. 
This made me curious. 
What happens when I'm curious? 
I find out more.

So, here's my analysis:
result: Due to it's non foaming formula, this cleanser was very gentle on the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. This did an excellent job at removing dirt and makeup, in addition to leaving my skin clean and refreshed.

Scent: Scent has to be the biggest 'make or break ' when it comes to skin care for me. There's a fine line between artificial, chemical scented products and natural, realistic ones. Fortunately for most, this enters the natural/realistic category. 

Packaging: Probably one of the first things that caught my eye. The quirky green pigment.  Like all Mario Badescu products, the packaging didn't disappoint. Trendy. Classy. Minimalistic. 

Price:Totalling in at £13, It's safe to say this is a pretty reasonable price. At least, it's what you'd expect to pay for a 236ml bottle of magic.



  1. I've hear about this brand before and I want to try it badly, it seems like an affordable brand with quite good ingredients

    1. It really is, wold strongly recommend them!


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