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You've been planning a trip for months. You get to the airport. Arrive at security. Your bag ends up in the suspicion lane; you packed over 100ml. That ever happened? Ever had to part from your favourite product because it didn't abide to the product allowance? Well, if that scenario rings any bells then this may just be worth reading. All of the products mentioned are travel friendly.

Simple face wipes and moisturiser
Simple is a great brand when it comes to travel friendly products - I especially enjoy their cleansing facial wipes and hydrating light moisturiser. More often than not, Superdrug also kindly treat us to a 3 for £3 on their travel line. A perfect excuse for giving these two products a try, right?

Ted Baker Body Spray
If you don't have one of these living inside your carry on then I strongly suggest you do. Ted Baker offer a selection of beautifully packaged 50ml fragrances for an incredible £3. Yep, £3. If you're a fan of floral scents than I would gravitate towards this little guy.

 Although, fragrance is a very personal thing, so if you don't want to part from your signature scent then I'd recommend getting an empty plastic spray bottle - these are widely available in most supermarkets.

Hand Cream
This ones pretty easy, the majority of hand creams are under 100ml. However, if I could recommend just one it would probably be the body shop hand creams. They'll never let you down.

Soap and Glory face soap and clarity vitamin C facial wash
Admittedly, on travels I tend to forget about face wash. However, this one's taken my attention recently and it just so happens to be available in a 50ml bottle. Hooray! 

That's pretty much it. I usually opt for minimal products - I'm a light packer, what can I say? That, and the fact I only included skin care, but if you're interested in seeing my travel makeup recommendations then just let me know!



  1. I had no idea you could get Ted Baker spray for £3! That is such a great deal! xx

    Sneha |

    1. I know right, been through three of them in the past year!

  2. Hand cream and moisturizers are always essentials for travelling because the air in the plane is so drying! Love this post! xx

    1. Thankyou, 100 percent agree they're definitely esentials!x

  3. I have so many essentials, but moisturizer is definetly the most important one! Nice picure!

  4. ted baker body spray sounds amazing


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