Mixing All My Eyeshadows Together

Warning: Makeup lovers may want to shut your eyes for this one.

With that out of the way let me give a brief explanation. So, essentially I've seen a lot of these these type of videos floating around the internet - they're either mindblowingly satisfying or truly heart breaking. However, I haven't seen any of this type of content on a blogging format (probably for a reason),  but I thought it was about time that changed.

Before you ask, not all shadows will be harmed in the making of this article; I'll be using samples of individual shadows from a 16 shade palette. The palette will still be useable by the end of the experiment.

The palette I'm going to be using is the Golden Bar Palette by 'I heart Makeup' which is supposedly a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate palette. No hard feelings to the palette and all (It's actually pretty decent), I just don't seem to reach for this as much as I used to (and It's well past it's used by day, whoops...). 

The colours in this palette just shout, 'Glitter', which doesn't cooperate too well with a matte lover like myself. The impressive shade range in this product (pinks, orange, green, etc) gives little indication of the final out come, however the name 'golden palette' gives me the impression we'll be seeing some gold today.

The Result
To obtain the eyeshadow I used a cuticle nail tool (don't ask) to scrape the powder into the pot. It was oddly satisfying to destroy the shadow yet there was a small section of guilt in my heart for doing so. 

Retrieving the shadow was much easier than I anticipated, don't get me wrong, It was far from a tidy process but the powder glided of the palette surprisingly easily - I didn't hit pan on any shadow either!

As anticipated, the shade was gold. Well, borderline gold. If I was being less lenient then I'd say a bronze/ brown with gold undertones. The colour looks much more gold applied than in pan. 

Here's where the irony kicks in. For the amount of pigments I put in it, It isn't as pigmented as I expected. Ironic, huh? Maybe I'm being a little harsh, it's definitely noticeable. AND, don't even get me started on the formula - can it get more buttery?

Overall, this was a pretty fun experiment. Would I do it again? probably not. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy process. It took plenty of time, plenty of wipes and plenty of patience. However, as a challenge/ experiment it was definitely interesting to jump on this 'mixing makeup together' bandwagon.



  1. I don't think I could ever do this, unless it was to a palette I didn't like. I think it is interesting that it isn't very pigmented.

    1. Haha, it was pretty heartbreaking! I know right, I was shocked it wasn't super pigmented xo

  2. Ooh I use to love making my own lipsticks or eyeshadows etc. this looks like a fun experiment! The colour outcome is actually quite pretty!! xx


    1. Ill admit, it was extremely fun/satisfying! The colour definitely turned out a lot nicer than I expected xo


  3. The blog headline caught my eye - only that I just didn't think it'd be so literal!

    How did you do it?! Well, I took a chisel and I...Oh! Man!

    Now you have a fusion eye shadow color that's to die for!

    1. Haha it was definitely a crazy idea, the end result was great though!

    2. Well, we have only two eyes! So, one - really good - eye-shadow color would probably do! And, it was gold!

      A truly remarkable experiment in all!


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