The Perfect Prep & Prime Products

There doesn't always have to be a reason why you want your makeup to apply better or last longer - you just do. However, let's be real, who really has the time or patience to spend ages piling layer upon layer of products that supposedly make your makeup 'last all day'? Just me? Maybe I'm just a little too lazy when it comes to getting ready in the mornings; I just find that some of these products that claim to 'lock' your makeup in place just seem to 'lock' up and steal your money.

That being said, there are multiple exceptions. The sort of products that when I can be bothered to apply, I know will do as it claims.
If that's the sort of thing you're on the hunt for then look no further.

Mario Badescu Facial Sprays - I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about these by now but here me out, this is the all time perfect setting spray. It moisturises, sets and can we just talk about how great it smells?

Benefit Primers and setting gel - I enjoy using both the 'porefessional' and the 'that gal' primer, they are fully worthy of all the hype. As for the setting gel? Your brows won't move an inch.

Nivea lip balms - Nivea know their stuff when it comes to skincare but with their lip balms they've really nailed it. I especially enjoy using their watermelon shine lip balm which provides long lasting hydration and you guessed it, a watermelon fragrance!

Thankyou for reading, what are your favourite 'prep & prime' products?


My Style Evolution | Shop my Wardrobe

My style is pretty basic; I'm a jeans and jumper kind of gal'. Although I'm adamant that my style hasn't changed drastically over the years, there's still an element to my current wardrobe that would of looked incompatible when put next to an older version of itself.

 Below I've compiled a list of fashion inspired questions which I'm going to incorporate an 'evolution' component into. Then I'll take a few fashion quizzes to see what they gather from my style; I'll leave the link below so you can play along at home.

Who knows what we'll stumble across. Will I end up in the line up for London fashion week? Or, Will I dig out some fashion faux pas? Probably the latter...

What's your favourite clothing store?
hmmm, I think I'm going to have to go with Miss Selfridge or Topshop on this one. I'm pretty indecisive as it is, but when you throw a strenuous question like this into the mix it's practically impossible. I feel like  Urban Outfitters mirrors my style pretty accurately, although I'd be lying if I said my budget was cut out for a full Urban Outfitters wardrobe.
If you asked me this question a year or two ago, I probably would have replied with either Topshop or New Look - no drastic changes there I'm afraid.

How would you describe your style?
It's difficult to put a label on my style - it seems to coincide with whatever mood I'm in. Predominantly It alternates between 'Girly' and 'street' (could you get more contrary styles?)

If you asked me a year or two ago? Surprise, surprise, my younger self would have said something very similar.

My Style results from other quizzes:
BUZZFEED (What style am I?) - 'TRENDY'

BUZZFEED - (What city best suits my style?) - 'Medellin', Columbias second largest city, often referred to as the fashion capital of Latin America.

BUZZFEED - (what fashion decade do you belong in?- 2010's

So there we have it, to get a closer insight into my wardrobe, here are some of my staples:


Soap & Glory | Brand Focus

Soap and Glory was established over 10 years ago - back in 2006. Yet, it isn't until recently that I've really gotten an insight into the brand. Christmas brings food, family, and laughter but fundamentally a crazy ton of Soap & Glory sets...I'm not complaining!
Given Christmas was three months ago, (okay, where has the time gone?) I feel I've had enough time time to test the brand and fairly confidently make my concluding analysis.

To construct this article into a more manageable read, I'll segregate the review into three different sections: product, pricing and packaging.

It doesn't take a detective to work out that Soap and Glory aren't afraid of pink. It's evident Soap and Glory's dominant theme is pink (very, very pink) and despite getting mild 'young girl' vibes, I'm not mad about it - I think it kinda works.
The quality of the packaging is nothing mind-blowing but neither poor quality; I'd settle with mediocre.

I'm not yet to have been disappointed by a Soap and Gory product, they all seem to serve their purpose.
Their shower gels are insanely creamy and beautifully infused, their body butters are deeply nourishing and don't even get me started on their miraculous Vitamin C Face Wash. Does it energise? yes. Cleanse? uh-huh. Tick every category in skin care criteria? You Bet. If you couldn't already tell, I'd thoroughly recommend this!

The price is always the make or break for me, I'm sure you guys can relate. A product may be everything you were after and more but if the price tag is crazy money then it's not ending up in my basket. Pricing is probably one of the biggest deal breakers out there but with Soap & Glory that shouldn't be an issue. They offer a wide range of travel or full- sized goodies from as little as £2.

Have you tried anything from Soap & Glory?


What's On My Dressing Table | Shop The Look

My Dressing table hasn't even reached its first birthday, yet its short life has still managed to experience an above average amount of makeovers. Do I just have an intense love for interior design? Not quite. I'm a firm believer for everyone to have their own private space - a lil' relaxation area. Mine so happens to be my dressing table. After months of re-adjusting and alternating between homeware, I've finally settled on my perfect design which also caters for practicality (but most importantly satisfies my aesthetic).

Most things I mention will be linked below; you can shop the look.

The dressing table itself is the iconic Ikea Malm dressing table. This is essentially the dressing table equivalent of the Alex 9 Drawers  in terms of popularity. It's a suitable length and width for getting ready and can we just talk about how cutteee this is?!

Both the brush holders and the rose gold brushes are from New Look (be prepared to see a lot of New Look throughout this post). Not only is the colour scheme approved by my white/gold aesthetic but it is also budget friendly, totalling in at £3.99. 
Gold Pot
Gold zig zag Pot
Gold Makeup Brushes

Despite being defeated in a tiring game of hide and seek whilst searching for this on the New Look website, they should be available in most stores. Both gold and geometric are things that have been incredibly popularised in homeware this past year, so finding them in the form of a candle holder was practically a miracle.

Cosmetic organisers are something I've seen everywhere the past couple years and I can understand what the hype's all about - they're super handy. These marvellous methods of storage are widely available pretty much anywhere but mine are from Home Sense.

There are a couple other items living on my dressing table, however they are no longer on retail and I don't want to show you guys something that you won't be able to get your hands on yourself!

Thank you for reading, how do you style your dressing table?


Mothers Day Gift Guide | Top Five Gifts

With Mothers Day at arms reach, I've decided to make your life that little bit easier (this one's for you last minute shoppers). To avoid aimlessly roaming the crowded high-street, here's some dreamy gifts to present your mum on their special day.

Burt's Bees Set
What's mothers day without a bit of pampering? This set contains 5 of Burt's Bees most popular travel sized essentials - so tempting, you may even have to share.

Ted baker Set
Ted Baker is a classic when it comes to mothers day. It ticks all the boxes. Packaging? Tick. Product? Tick. Everything? Tick. Needless to say, Ted Baker's a safe bet. It won't break the bank either; prices start from £5.

Nail Sets
For the nail loving mum, look no further. Essie and OPI are your best bet with multiple sets containing a beautiful array of travel or full sized polishes (available in John Lewis).

Gucci Bloom
Your budget's a little bit bigger? It doesn't get much better than Gucci. Ditch all other fragrances, Gucci Bloom will provide the Ultimate floral burst - a fantastic transition into Spring.

Thorntons Chocolate
Chocolate = Safe bet. 
Personalised Thorntons Chocolate = Best Bet.

Happy Mothers Day!


Mixing All My Eyeshadows Together

Warning: Makeup lovers may want to shut your eyes for this one.

With that out of the way let me give a brief explanation. So, essentially I've seen a lot of these these type of videos floating around the internet - they're either mindblowingly satisfying or truly heart breaking. However, I haven't seen any of this type of content on a blogging format (probably for a reason),  but I thought it was about time that changed.

Before you ask, not all shadows will be harmed in the making of this article; I'll be using samples of individual shadows from a 16 shade palette. The palette will still be useable by the end of the experiment.

The palette I'm going to be using is the Golden Bar Palette by 'I heart Makeup' which is supposedly a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate palette. No hard feelings to the palette and all (It's actually pretty decent), I just don't seem to reach for this as much as I used to (and It's well past it's used by day, whoops...). 

The colours in this palette just shout, 'Glitter', which doesn't cooperate too well with a matte lover like myself. The impressive shade range in this product (pinks, orange, green, etc) gives little indication of the final out come, however the name 'golden palette' gives me the impression we'll be seeing some gold today.

The Result
To obtain the eyeshadow I used a cuticle nail tool (don't ask) to scrape the powder into the pot. It was oddly satisfying to destroy the shadow yet there was a small section of guilt in my heart for doing so. 

Retrieving the shadow was much easier than I anticipated, don't get me wrong, It was far from a tidy process but the powder glided of the palette surprisingly easily - I didn't hit pan on any shadow either!

As anticipated, the shade was gold. Well, borderline gold. If I was being less lenient then I'd say a bronze/ brown with gold undertones. The colour looks much more gold applied than in pan. 

Here's where the irony kicks in. For the amount of pigments I put in it, It isn't as pigmented as I expected. Ironic, huh? Maybe I'm being a little harsh, it's definitely noticeable. AND, don't even get me started on the formula - can it get more buttery?

Overall, this was a pretty fun experiment. Would I do it again? probably not. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy process. It took plenty of time, plenty of wipes and plenty of patience. However, as a challenge/ experiment it was definitely interesting to jump on this 'mixing makeup together' bandwagon.


My Travel Essentials

You've been planning a trip for months. You get to the airport. Arrive at security. Your bag ends up in the suspicion lane; you packed over 100ml. That ever happened? Ever had to part from your favourite product because it didn't abide to the product allowance? Well, if that scenario rings any bells then this may just be worth reading. All of the products mentioned are travel friendly.

Simple face wipes and moisturiser
Simple is a great brand when it comes to travel friendly products - I especially enjoy their cleansing facial wipes and hydrating light moisturiser. More often than not, Superdrug also kindly treat us to a 3 for £3 on their travel line. A perfect excuse for giving these two products a try, right?

Ted Baker Body Spray
If you don't have one of these living inside your carry on then I strongly suggest you do. Ted Baker offer a selection of beautifully packaged 50ml fragrances for an incredible £3. Yep, £3. If you're a fan of floral scents than I would gravitate towards this little guy.

 Although, fragrance is a very personal thing, so if you don't want to part from your signature scent then I'd recommend getting an empty plastic spray bottle - these are widely available in most supermarkets.

Hand Cream
This ones pretty easy, the majority of hand creams are under 100ml. However, if I could recommend just one it would probably be the body shop hand creams. They'll never let you down.

Soap and Glory face soap and clarity vitamin C facial wash
Admittedly, on travels I tend to forget about face wash. However, this one's taken my attention recently and it just so happens to be available in a 50ml bottle. Hooray! 

That's pretty much it. I usually opt for minimal products - I'm a light packer, what can I say? That, and the fact I only included skin care, but if you're interested in seeing my travel makeup recommendations then just let me know!

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