New York | The Ultimate Guide

'Concrete Jungle where dreams are made offffff!'... Sorry, but how could I not?

So, the second part of my travel diaries brings us to the second largest city - the one that never sleeps.

There's plenty to say about the big apple, so let's just delve right in.

Food & Drink
New York in a nutshell is hard. Rounding up the food isn't. Incredible; just one ten letter word.

I guess you could say I opted for the stereotypical American food route: Big fluffy pancakes, maple syrup, milkshakes, etc.  But, It's what they do best - I wouldn't of had it any other way.

A popular chain to your left, an independent diner to you're right and a rustic Delhi serving sweet smelling pastries strait ahead. It goes without saying that you're spoilt for choice.

The portions were much bigger than what I was used to but I never left anywhere hungry, go big or go home, right?.

My top recommendation will be the Cheesecake Factory, although there's a small chance you'll end up not going anywhere else!

The Main Attractions
Like most cultural cities, New York is famous for it's countless attractions. Here's some definitely worth giving a visit:

If I had to narrow it down to one destination to visit, it would be the statue of Liberty without a second thought. A signature monument in one of the most iconic cities. An unbeatable duo.

Central park is another place to bookmark in your itinerary. Despite the mind-blowing views, weather and refreshments, they also have numerous tours, fitness classes and activities up for grabs. What more could you want?

The Empire State Building is also worth checking out if you have some extra time. Although, anyone with acrophobia may want to cross this one of the list. It's surprising what  seeing the city from an entirely different angle can do. The queue would definitely be classed as manic, however, isn't that expected?

The weather
If you're up for a tan, Summer is you're ideal time to explore the magical city. Although, with temperatures in the 30 degrees Celsius, don't forget about the sun cream!

Have you been to NYC / where's you're ideal holiday destination?



  1. Oh I went to NYC for my 14th birthday, and although I spent the whole time with high anxiety levels, it was truly amazing! Ellens Stardust Diner is a MUST. Definitely agree on the Cheesecake Factory, one the THE BEST!! We also had a carriage ride around the city which was pretty magical too! I do love a good city break, but sunshine and beaches are a must for me! Loved this post!! xx

  2. Would love to go to new York! My ideal destination has to be Dubai! Xx


  3. I've heard of Central Park - it's almost as important as New York City itself - it's where nature meets concrete and live side-by-side.

    New York is one of the largest cities in the World - it's outrageous and phenomenal!

    Garbage plates at Rochester, or hot dogs, burger and fries are synonymous with New York Street Food.

    The Statue of Liberty is America's most recognizable monunment - and is a must-visit for any traveller to the USA, or New York City.

    Besides that, I've heard of $100 taxi rides that take you around New York - it was a tourist attraction that I read about, sometime.

    My ideal holiday destination is a tropical paradise - some place close to the equator.
    I live in Kerala - a place in India, between Sri Lanka and some islands to the left of India (the Laksha Dweep Islands)
    It's ideal to me because there's sunny weather all year around, except druring one part of the year, the rainy season.
    There's sea food available every day and the sun shines like it's meant to be!

    Have a nice day,



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