Five Fashion Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Its no secret that our generation shop online like it's our destiny; who even recalls what shopping was like before the phenomenon of the 'add to basket' button? Saying that though, shopping the good ol' fashion way does come with its perks - avoiding the inconvenience of having to send incorrect sizes back and all that malarkey.

Whether you are an innovative online shopper or a loyal, street shopping enthusiast, here are some fashion staples every wardrobe needs.

Let's Dive Into My Holy Grails:
Rainbow Sleeve Detailed Top - this authentic piece has taken authority over my wardrobe since the minute I laid my eyes on it. The flannel resembling material is unlike anything I have seen before - but I think it's what gives it the edge! 

Grey Boots - Although it may not look like anything mind-blowing, let me tell you, I lived in these throughout Winter; these have completely revived my wardrobe.

Zip up Top - It's a remarkably rare event if you happen to see me in anything other than this. I mean, it speaks for itself.

Yellow Jacket
Mustard Jumper In my mission to rejuvenate my wardrobe these have been hugely appreciated, predominantly because this colour has been lacking in my wardrobe since...forever!

What are your fashion essentials?



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