This Mascara Will Change Your Lash Game..

No, you haven't time travelled back to 2017 when this was in the Beauty spotlight. Yes, I am extremely late in reviewing this. Nonetheless, fate has brought it to me (if you count L'Oreals 3 for 2 deal as fate!).

I tend to stick to my trusty Lancome Monsieur big mascara, however, how can I leave a Beautifully packaged mascara that claims 'mega volume'  untouched? 

The Miss Baby Roll is available in four different shades: Black, Teal, Lilac, Indigo and black waterproof. So, if you're feeling a lil' adventurous then you know where to go.

L'Oreal promises to give you an 'instant lash lift' with it's 'mega roller brush'. So, let's just see how well that plays out!

The Result this mascara didn't disappoint. Like, AT ALL! It's rare to find a mascara that completes the three main objectives: lengthening, volume and curl. But, you guessed it, this one does all three. Yep, All three. And very little clumping.

You didn't think it could get any better? Well, it does. They stayed curled all day ( sorry, but can I please just put emphasis on ALL DAY?!?!)

I think it's safe to say that this mascara really did live up to it's name. In fact, It delivered more lash goodness than It claimed - I can only take my hat off to you L'Oreal!

Have you tried this out? What are your thoughts?


New York | The Ultimate Guide

'Concrete Jungle where dreams are made offffff!'... Sorry, but how could I not?

So, the second part of my travel diaries brings us to the second largest city - the one that never sleeps.

There's plenty to say about the big apple, so let's just delve right in.

Food & Drink
New York in a nutshell is hard. Rounding up the food isn't. Incredible; just one ten letter word.

I guess you could say I opted for the stereotypical American food route: Big fluffy pancakes, maple syrup, milkshakes, etc.  But, It's what they do best - I wouldn't of had it any other way.

A popular chain to your left, an independent diner to you're right and a rustic Delhi serving sweet smelling pastries strait ahead. It goes without saying that you're spoilt for choice.

The portions were much bigger than what I was used to but I never left anywhere hungry, go big or go home, right?.

My top recommendation will be the Cheesecake Factory, although there's a small chance you'll end up not going anywhere else!

The Main Attractions
Like most cultural cities, New York is famous for it's countless attractions. Here's some definitely worth giving a visit:

If I had to narrow it down to one destination to visit, it would be the statue of Liberty without a second thought. A signature monument in one of the most iconic cities. An unbeatable duo.

Central park is another place to bookmark in your itinerary. Despite the mind-blowing views, weather and refreshments, they also have numerous tours, fitness classes and activities up for grabs. What more could you want?

The Empire State Building is also worth checking out if you have some extra time. Although, anyone with acrophobia may want to cross this one of the list. It's surprising what  seeing the city from an entirely different angle can do. The queue would definitely be classed as manic, however, isn't that expected?

The weather
If you're up for a tan, Summer is you're ideal time to explore the magical city. Although, with temperatures in the 30 degrees Celsius, don't forget about the sun cream!

Have you been to NYC / where's you're ideal holiday destination?


5 Simple Ways to Instantly Revive Your Insta Feed

Hey there, viewer of this little corner of the internet, I have a small suspicion that you undervalue your Instagram potential. Or, perhaps you just fancy gifting your Insta the deserving art of rejuvenation. Either way, abolish all previous Insta knowledge - let's start fresh.

Choose your theme
I cannot stress enough; consistency is key. That's not to say you can never venture out of your category, not at all. However, your theme portrays your visual personality and is the overall look of the feed, the vibe, mood and core centre.

Pick a few catogories you're passionate about (e.g fashion, cooking, life style) - this will be your content, theme and feed.

Sticking to these categories will enable make sure you love them!

Find Your filter
Unless you have picture perfect, dreamy lighting at home, filters are a necessity. But using the SAME filter consistently is a bigger one.

Balance Your content
Here's what you want to achieve: balancing.

 You see, if you took lots of flower photos, for example, and then began to post them right after each other, the once hooked reader may become a scanner.

 Yep, a scanner. What does this mean? well, the viewer may start to get a bit bored and not appreciate the content being delivered to the extent they would do if it was spaced out.

Final destination here: space out content.

Colour co-ordinate
 This if if you want to take things that extra step further. 

I'll let the photos speak for me.

Natural Light is a must
You've heard this before, right? But why is it so crucial? Well, it improves the quality and appearance when filters are applied. 

In the morning will be your best friend for dreamy lighting.

Try taking your photos next to a window for the highest quality lighting - that will make anyone double tap!

Most importantly, enjoy what you do. It really shows. Let the creativity unravel.



Back In August I ventured out to Croatia - little did I know it would become one of my favourite holiday destinations. Now, say that one seven letter word an I'm there...give or take a few hours on the plane!

It's Beautiful - the photo speaks for itself. The perfect Summer location. As I want to shout it from the rooftops, the truth is that it gets nowhere near the amount of recognition it deserves.

You don't need to be no photographer to capture a great shot either; I barely know how to switch on a camera. The photos practically take themselves.

What I'm trying to get across is that the scenery's stunning. The dreamy glistening coastlines, dramatic sunsets and the rustic cobbled streets - this country's bookmarked as a place where you're not going to want to keep your eyes shut.

In Dubrovnik, where I settled for my travels, English is widely spoken (Predominately in tourist based, local areas).  In fact, you'll probably have an easier time communicating than in other European countries.

The Food doesn't go without praise either. Croatian food is supposedly meant to have its own twist - it probably does! However, where I stayed it was mainly steak, fish and Italian based; it's entirely dependant on where you stay or go. Nonetheless, It wasn't short of amazing!

The weather didn't fail to disappoint, although again, that is fundamentally based on the time you choose to visit.

 August however, which is typically the hottest month of the year in Croatia, brought plenty of sunshine ( high twenties, low thirties). Although some days high factor suncreams were a key essential, it was never unbearable.

 The nights calmed down a little bit in terms of weather and always displayed an array of colourful sunsets.

All in all, the dreamy deep blue sea and photogenic mountainous landscapes isn't something you're going to want to miss, alongside Croatias multiple other quirks and charms. For the few people who choose to visit this wondrous destination, you won't regret it!

Consider this chapter 1 of my travel diaries where my final destination is to help inspire one of you to find your dream destination.

Where do you want to visit / where do you enjoy going?


Five Fashion Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Its no secret that our generation shop online like it's our destiny; who even recalls what shopping was like before the phenomenon of the 'add to basket' button? Saying that though, shopping the good ol' fashion way does come with its perks - avoiding the inconvenience of having to send incorrect sizes back and all that malarkey.

Whether you are an innovative online shopper or a loyal, street shopping enthusiast, here are some fashion staples every wardrobe needs.

Let's Dive Into My Holy Grails:
Rainbow Sleeve Detailed Top - this authentic piece has taken authority over my wardrobe since the minute I laid my eyes on it. The flannel resembling material is unlike anything I have seen before - but I think it's what gives it the edge! 

Grey Boots - Although it may not look like anything mind-blowing, let me tell you, I lived in these throughout Winter; these have completely revived my wardrobe.

Zip up Top - It's a remarkably rare event if you happen to see me in anything other than this. I mean, it speaks for itself.

Yellow Jacket
Mustard Jumper In my mission to rejuvenate my wardrobe these have been hugely appreciated, predominantly because this colour has been lacking in my wardrobe since...forever!

What are your fashion essentials?


5 Beauty Hacks Actually Worth Reading

We are incredibly fortunate that our generation have  media platforms such as youtube that are home to millions of videos attempting to help our day to day life. But I swear, do I really need to know how to make a 'quick and easy DIY eyelash curler' with materials no regular person has just 'lying around in their house'? Have you ever been I dire need of a phone stand made from the remains of a toilet roll? Or a makeshift makeup brush? The list is endless.
Maybe most people find these type of things convenient and I'm just being unreasonable. Don't get me wrong, I love the proficiency of video but five minutes into my tenth 'life hack' video I'm starting to conclude that some of these 'life changing' hacks are a little gimmicky. 

Got a little carried away there! The main thing is that you do you. I ,however, have compiled a list of hacks I actually find useful on a daily or even weekly basis.

This is my new best friend when it comes to hair - super simple too. If you are a fan of hair grips but like me, find that they uninvitedly start to slip out of your hair, then you're going to want to lightly coat it in hairspray to prevent it from nudging out of place.

Some people already do this but for me this is a fairly recent discovery. Drying your hair upside down. This will increase your hairs volume significantly and the styling will miraculously be easier and evolve to become more versatile.
If your eyeshadow applied is not doing the product in the pan justice then don't fret. There is a cure. Spray your eyeshadow brush with water/ setting spray to increase shimmer/ pigmentation.

Moisturisers can substitute primers perfectly. What more needs to be said?

This ones fairly self explanatory and obvious yet it's something I'll do without fail. Face masks can be expensive. And, a lot of the time there is leftover serum that melts my heart to dispose of - It's one of my biggest pet peeves. So, just because they don't give more than one mask doesn't mean you can't save the serum for an additional pamper night!

These are five hacks I actually use, to hopefully help some of you out!

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