How To Stay focused + Avoid Distractions

So, you want to remain productive and focused? But, your once attentive self has become...distracted. Stay calm. There is a cure.

There's no question about it - the world we live in is full of distractions. And sometimes it's easier to get caught up in them distractions as it may seem. You want to prove that statement wrong? You don't want to let that simple fact determine your capability? Here's what to do.

Silence your phone/notifications
Getting back on track is much harder than it may sound, so to decrease your chances of experiencing that scenario, I'd recommend muting your notifications.
This will stop any unnecessary notifications from taking you off task.

 Take Breaks
If you're trying to minimise distractions, take breaks. Working for too long a time period can quickly make you lose all motivation and attention span. Work in small time blocks and follow them with a small break.

No Phones
My number one tip for tackling distraction is to keep your phone well out of arms reach. This will enable you to lose all temptation to pick up your phone and encourage you to stay on task.

Don't Leave It Until Last Minute
If you have a piece of work with a deadline, try to make it your priority instead of postponing. Completing your work straight away will avoid the pressure of doing it last minute; leaving all that work until the deadline can be intimidating. Procrastinating will only make you less and less focused.

Thankyou for reading! Make sure to leave a comment, do you struggle with this?



  1. I need to follow this advice desperately! Thanks lovely, great post x

    Rosie |

  2. I am the queen of getting distracted! I really agree with your tips though and I need to work on it!

  3. Great tips! The 'take breaks' bit is especially true if you're working in an office. You feel like you're expected to be working for hours on end at your desk but that can have the opposite effect and make you more distracted because your mind gets tired.

    Another tip I would add is to notice when you're distracted and try to find a pattern. A lot of the time, I'll be reading a random article and then go on to the next one and the next and not realise that I'm procrastinating. But being more self-aware and noticing that I'm doing it at a certain time of day or because I'm hungry or whatever the case is will help me deal with it better.

    Sneha |

    1. Thankyou! 100 percent agree, I feel like some of the time I'm completely oblivious to the fact that I'm even distracted!

  4. thanks you ;) for the usefull tips ;)


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