Powering Through January

January's drawing to an end and February is just around the corner; I've essentially delayed posting this until edging past danger zone.

There's pretty much two fundamental outlooks you can have on this contentious month. You may view it as the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and dive right into a fresh, open chapter. Alternatively, you may be unfortunate enough to get a case of January blues. The abrupt finish of Christmas festivities and the sudden outburst of dark, cold weather.

Like most people I try my hardest to steer away from the latter to avoid that negative mindset, however, we all know that's easier said than done, right? The weather exerts more power over us then anticipated and sometimes you're left feeling a little down in the dumps. But hey.. It's pushing towards February so if you haven't already, let's pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back on track.

Fun? Probably not. Affective? A hundred percent. You know what they say... tidy room, tidy mind. Just a simple action such as tidying can make a significant difference. I find that if you're surroundings are more visually pleasing then your mind will function with much more ease.

Allow some Relaxation Time
After a long period of indulgence throughout December, sometimes we can be a little harsh on ourselves.

 Everyone has adopted their own lil' self care routine. Mine, however, usually consists of a warm bubble bath, pj's and Netflix and a face mask if there just so happens to be one lying around.

It's the small things that add up to making your day that extra bit special. Give into yourself a little. You deserve it.

Make Lists
Lists are great for this time of year - A visual representation for all your yearly plans and a chance to eject all of your goals onto paper. February is practically here. So let's get writing!

Do it!
If there's anything that has been gathering dust on your bucket list then now is a great opportunity to go and tick it off. Accomplishing a goal of yours, however small, will really set you off in a good direction for the year.

Hope you guys all had a great January, see you next month!


January Loves

Okay...January has zoomed by. However, I'm not going to let my nostalgia get the better of me and talk longingly about the month that's flown by. If you've read my blog for a while you'd be aware that I don't tend to do these types of 'monthly favourite' posts very regularly but 2018 clearly brought a sudden turn of events.

Benefit They're Real Mascara 
Confession time : I have never been a huge fan of Benefit mascaras. There, I said it. I know this may be quite controversial as countless people are fully dependent on benefit for providing long, voluminous lashes. In the past I've tried two of Benefit's mascaras yet none of them quite managed to fulfil my lashes needs. However, I thought I'd give Benefit one last chance to shine and I'm so glad I did. Besides the modern and innovative packaging this product has volume, length ( basically all the mascara criteria!) AND it can hold a curl. What more could you want?

Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash
This has completely changed the face wash game and deservingly earned a spot in my skin care routine. It cleanses, energises and gently exfoliates the skin ASWELL as removing makeup. Soap and Glory, your 're killing it with this one!

Pull & Bear Nail polish in Metallic Silver
I'm no sidekick but I can already see this being in my 2018 Yearly favourites. Is it just me who struggles to find glitter/metallic nail polishes that aren't sheer? I finally found a winner. This silver polish with fine glitter means that in just one coat you can create picture perfect nails.

Barry M lip Liner in Blush
 When it comes to lip products I try to steer away from anything too drying ( and unfortunately this sits in the drying category). However, the colour more than makes up for it. Highly recommend you give this a swatch in your nearest Boots.

Planning my Content
One of my 2018 Blog Goals was to organise and plan out my content for you guys and although I was skeptical about actually following through with it I managed to keep up the motivation. Writing and planning out my content has been nothing short of a life saver and although it's not a material favourite, it has certainly been the most affective.

That's all for now, hope you've all had a great month so far!


The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly | £4 ?!

The Body Shop is no stranger to my blog - I've raved countless times about their lifesaving hand creams. Yet I had the audacity to miss out this lil' gem. So, three weeks on from the new year, it's about time I fixed that!

A quick disclaimer, after doing a little research I've detected that this is no longer on The Body shop website, presumably as it's  part of their Christmas range. However, I did spot some on sale at Amazon. I managed to get my hands on it yesterday in store, perched on the sale shelf with a big red sticker reading: ' Was £15, Now £4'. Needless to say, I got dragged into the deal... and here's what I think.

The scent
The first thing to catch my attention was the scent. Unlike a lot of fruit fragrances, this one doesn't smell too artificial which is the fundamental reason it ended up in my basket. The fresh crisp notes of apple come together to create the perfect bath time indulgence.

Where the consistency is concerned, this product definitely lives up to its name. Other 'jelly' type bath products I've used before have resembled honey more than jelly but this one has a much thicker, jelly like consistency.

Final Outcome
Want a bath product that will look pretty AND treat your skin? Well, you're in luck! This bath jelly did my skin wonders and didn't lack in the visual aspect either. It created fluffy bubbles and tinted the water a  pale green.

Although these probably won't be sticking round for much longer, I hope to see the return of them next year!


A Small Haul

A little clarification  - I am far from an impulse shopper. Hence the 'small' in the title. I'm the type of person who spends days or even weeks contemplating whether or not to buy something. This time, however, I ditched the intricate detail and jumped right into spontaneous mode.

New Look Brushes
As I was aimlessly browsing New Look, I stumbled across these gorgeous gold make up brushes. Besides the packaging being right up my street, I also wanted to give these a try as they're from new Look. This may seem a strange reason for my acquisition but hear me out. It's 2018 and the Beauty industry is still flourishing strongly, therefore we are getting bombarded with more and more products, brushes being no exception. That being said, this year I've made it my goal to try out new brands and see if they deserve more recognition. From the little time I've had them, I can can conclude that they are soft, good quality brushes.

I did this shop a couple of weeks ago so you may recognise this Urban decay Ultimate basics palette from my Best of Beauty Post where I mentioned my mind-blowing half price deal. Ironically, this palette is perfectly filled with my 'ultimate' shades - neutrals. If you relate to me in being a fan of buttery, pigmented shadows then this is the palette for you.

Mac Lipstick - Spirit
For starters, Macs signature satin formula is unbeatable. Secondly, this brown/nude colour combo is through the roof. And last but not least, this is incredible!

New Look Jumper
Lastly, (it really is a small haul!), we have a personal favourite of mine, this cropped mustard jumper. This colour is something that was really lacking in my wardrobe and I thought it was about time I fixed that. However, if you'd like it a fraction less cropped and a looser fit, I'd recommend going a size or two up.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, are you a shopaholic or far from it?


How To Stay focused + Avoid Distractions

So, you want to remain productive and focused? But, your once attentive self has become...distracted. Stay calm. There is a cure.

There's no question about it - the world we live in is full of distractions. And sometimes it's easier to get caught up in them distractions as it may seem. You want to prove that statement wrong? You don't want to let that simple fact determine your capability? Here's what to do.

Silence your phone/notifications
Getting back on track is much harder than it may sound, so to decrease your chances of experiencing that scenario, I'd recommend muting your notifications.
This will stop any unnecessary notifications from taking you off task.

 Take Breaks
If you're trying to minimise distractions, take breaks. Working for too long a time period can quickly make you lose all motivation and attention span. Work in small time blocks and follow them with a small break.

No Phones
My number one tip for tackling distraction is to keep your phone well out of arms reach. This will enable you to lose all temptation to pick up your phone and encourage you to stay on task.

Don't Leave It Until Last Minute
If you have a piece of work with a deadline, try to make it your priority instead of postponing. Completing your work straight away will avoid the pressure of doing it last minute; leaving all that work until the deadline can be intimidating. Procrastinating will only make you less and less focused.

Thankyou for reading! Make sure to leave a comment, do you struggle with this?


Testing Zoella Beauty

For anyone who has been living under a rock, Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is essentially the queen of the online beauty industry. Over recent years she has gained a mind-blowing following and embraced her passion for beauty by creating her own lifestyle and beauty ranges. 

Back in 2014, when Zoella Beauty was established, I purchased a makeup bag from her range (and one or two other products), but apart from that, Zoella Beauty is all a mystery to me. So, when her whole 'sweet inspirations' collection was released, it gave me that extra nudge to revisit the brand because the packaging seemed right up my street. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on Zoella Beauty!

Sweet Inspirations body mist
Anyone that read my recent blog would know that this took a very proud feature in it. I fell in love with the irresistible sweet macaroon scent to the point where I went out to buy a back up to avoid the tragedy of running out. Hands down my favourite Zoella fragrance.

Winter Wonder Hand
In complete honesty, I was slightly skeptical on trying this having not been a massive fan of her previous hand cream. Fortunately, after trying this out, my hesitation blossomed into appreciation over the fact that I had just discovered an incredible product. It's not heavily perfumed which I find is the crucial reason why this product isn't a no go for me. A complete life saver for dry winter hands.

Fragranced Bath fizzer

Now, admittedly I am definitely a Lush kind of gal when it comes to bath products - once you try Lush, it's impossible to go back. However, I'd be lying if I said it was the most affordable habit. To fix this dilemma, what better thing to do then try the Zoella bath fizzer, right? This product, like all the rest, doesn't lack in the scent side of things as it sticks to the sweet macaroon theme. Additionally, the effect on the skin doesn't disappoint either as it left my skin feeling soft and nourished. Although it's not the most visually pleasing (no colour or bubbles), the rest goes above and beyond to make up for it.

Zoella Sugar Dip bath salts
Following on with the sweet macaroon theme, these salt granuals make the perfect excuse for a long, calming relaxation time. Honestly, I could rave on about this product all day. The scent is out of this world, just thinking about it makes me want to run a bath.

That's all for now, but I do have some more of Zoe's products left to try so if this is something you'd like me to make a series of, make sure to let me know!


Best of Beauty | 2017

I get it, there are hundreds of these posts out at the moment and I'm sure you're all sick of them by this point, but one extra couldn't hurt, right? Besides, my nostalgia isn't quite ready for a leap into a brand new year without reflecting on some of the wonderful products that last year brought - old and new. Then, after that, no further mention of 2017. We've moved on, escalated, progressed, *pinky promise*. 

Mario Badescu Facial sprays
Phew, I couldn't go any longer without mentioning the beloved favourites of mine. I don't know if you noticed, but I didn't ramble for too long at the beginning (which I seem to have a tendency of doing) because I have A LOT of products to get through (ugh, why did you have to bring so many incredible products 2017?). 

Presumably you've heard all the hype for these, I certainly did, the internet prompted me to buy it. These are refreshing to say the least and not a day goes by where this isn't used. I use this as a substitute for primer.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette
This eyeshadow palette has pride possession in my makeup bag and a great lil' anecdote to go along with it. You bargain lovers listen up, when I bought this palette I was expecting to pay the price printed onto the product - £39.99. However, when I took it to the till my ears were greeted with the sound of the cashier telling me, ' that's £19.99 today'. Despite the great deal, these shadows have the best buttery texture and perfect neutral shade range. A must have.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara
It's no secret that this mascara is a firm favourite of mine, I mean, words can hardly express what miracles this mascara is capable of. This mascara lengthens the lashes enormously and, oh, don't even get me started on the volume. The classy and elegant packaging is just a bonus.You really spoilt us Lancôme, good job.

Mac lipstick in Spirit
Being a drugstore Lover/enthusiast, paying £16.50 for a lipstick would be something I'd struggle to justify. Except, It's Mac. Do I need to explain further?
This shade is the most gorgeous brown/nude which I find really complements brown eyes. The stunning shade paired with Macs signature satin formula creates the perfect lipstick. 

Galifornia Blush by Benefit
Under normal circumstances, I would tend to reach out for a blush on the subtle side, if not no blush at all. But it's new year, right? So why not try something a little more adventurous? This blush is the most beautiful pinky coral shade with specks of glitter and let me tell you, it brightens up any look in an instant.

Mua Highlight 
I love highlighter. Moreover, Mua highlighter. It gives the strongest glow I've ever seen from a drugstore highlight and it's three pounds. Three pounds?! It still continues to blow my mind.

'That Gal' Primer by Benefit
Admittedly, priming is a step I sometimes skip. Although, when I can be bothered, I always re-visit my trusty 'That Gal' primer by Benefit. It gives your skin a radiant finish and a good base to work on.

If you managed to get this far in, congratulations! Make sure to leave a comment and thank you for reading!

How To mend Your Collapsing Sleep Schedule

The messy sleep cycle. That sudden realisation that your entire sleeping schedule altered has you wondering, 'where did I go wrong?'. Whether you're collapsing sleep cycles done and dusted, approaching or you are experiencing it now, the fact is, it's inevitable. You'll face the nemesis eventually.

Go on, put the phone away
So, it's the start of a new year, and you want to fix your sleeping pattern? No problem. First, turn of your device. Well, finish reading this and then... turn of your device! Technology is a well known culprit for lack of sleep. Next time your staring at a screen late at night, check your motives: Is it urgent? Or are you scrolling through insta? If the latter, resist the urge to update your feed and get some sleep!

Get gripped on a book
Perhaps easier said than done as we are becoming more and more reliant on technology as our prime source of  entertainment. However, if you can spare some time for a good book, before you know it you will be hooked by the word and captivated by the paragraph. Reading will give your body a chance to wind down and if you do turn bedtime reading into a ritual, it should participate significantly into mending your sleep cycle - bonus!

You Will Succeed 
I'm a big believer in the whole 'new year, new me' malarkey. Having a fresh slate to begin the first page of a 365 day adventure - I think It's great. Within reason that is. As long as you set your goals to an achievable, realistic standard. If your new year aims are too out of bounds, like to change aspects of your personality, there's nothing wrong with it but a lot of the time you're setting yourself up for failure.

You're struggling to revert to your original nighttime routine? Don't fret. There is a cure. Come into the new year with optimism and most importantly, don't give up!

Sorry this post isn't the longest but I'm sure you guys want to spend you're time enjoying the new year! Hope you all have a wonderful day and happy new year!

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