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Happy Weekend guys! Christmas is progressively making it's way here, it's getting scary how fast the time has been going by recently. I've started posting a lot more regularly this month (I may as well be doing Blogmas!) and the majority of those posts have been Christmas themed or Winter related and don't get me wrong, I absolutely love writing these type of posts but I think I might be edging to the point of Christmas overload.That a valid excuse? Probably not! Anyways today I will be sharing with you some of my favourite things to watch on the beloved Netflix.

However, obviously with my magpie tendencies for Christmas I can't throw the festivities completely out of the mix, so a couple of my favourite Christmas shows will be featured.

The age of Adaline
Being completely honest with you when I first discovered that this film was in a category for Fantasy and Romance I was slightly skeptical considering I don't tend to go for films of that genre. Despite my hesitation I still gave it a watch and now I understand the meaning of trying something a bit out of your comfort zone ( If you class that as out of your comfort zone) because little did I know it would end up being my new favourite movie.

Starring Blake Lively, this film is about a woman, Adaline Bowman, who has has miraculously remained just twenty nine years old for the past eight decades. Only her daughter knows her secret until she encounters Ellis jones.

I can't put into words how creative and well made this film is, it deserves so much more recognition.

Stranger Things
I'm a bit late jumping on the bandwagon for this one but I'm so glad that I did. I was putting off watching it for a while due to various reasons but when I stumbled across this trailer my brother made I was hooked and logged onto Netflix as quick as I could. I've only watched the first episode but just from that small bit of footage I was gripped and can already picture this in my monthly favourites.

Outnumbered - Christmas Edition
If you're not from the UK, Outnumbered is a sitcom about a family who's life is filled with comedy and chaos. It's a lighthearted series guaranteed to make you laugh, you know it's Christmas when this shows appears on your t.v. Fun Fact: I met one of the cast members at the Train Station one time.

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls. A classic Netflix original. If you haven't already watched this I strongly suggest you do. They mastered the proportion of drama and comedy perfectly, there's always something going on but if you went out to make a cup of tea then you shouldn't of missed anything too drastic. A perfect series to watch curled up into a blanket with your loved one and a festive mug of hot chocolate.

Miranda-Christmas Episodes
Much like Outnumbered 'Miranda' is a British Sitcom comedy that is certain to put you in a good mood. Starring Miranda Hart, Patricia hodge, Tom Ellis and Sally Phillips this isn't something you want to miss out on.

So there we have it guys, my Netflix top picks. If you have any alternative Netflix recommendations make sure to leave them below and I'll be sure to check them out!


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  1. Lovely choices! I always used to love Miranda so I definitely need to watch their Christmas episodes! I really want to watch Stranger Things too, but I don't want to watch it so I've decided to binge it over the Christmas season! x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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