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 I am a proud consumer of Benefit Cosmetics products. It's no secret, it's no lie, just the truth and nothing but the truth. Don't get me wrong, I equally love other brands too (many of my all time favourite products aren't from Benefit) but I recently noticed that Benefit seem to get their products spot on in every category going; that being face, eyes, skin, etc.

Being the intrigued person that I am, this lil' realisation of mine evoked the pathway to my curiosity and got me thinking about all the factors that make the brand so consistently successful. So if you share my curiosity, here is a small glimpse into the wonderful world of Benefit Cosmetics and a few reason why I love it.

The packaging
Benefit, alongside Too Faced, never fails on the packaging front (they have some of the best press releases I've ever laid my eyes on). You can tell a jaw dropping amount of time has gone into creating and manufacturing the packaging. In addition to Benefits bronzers and blushes they also come with a genuine good quality brush (not the cheap, plastic type that physically hurt to apply).

The Product Itself
Of course, the actual product. How could I avoid the prime reason any longer? Although the packaging is stunning that by no means it slips into the common error of style over substance. I can't speak for every product but the ones in which I am fortunate to have tried have all been exceptional in formulation, pigmentation and every piece of make-up terminology out there.

Their charity work
Just by booking a brow wax with Benefit you will help someone out. During the month of May Benefit donates their earnings to charities over the globe and they've already raised over eleven million dollars, that's taking your hat off worthy.

Anddd that's a wrapppp. Do you share my love for benefit Cosmetics? If so, make sure leave a comment!


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  1. I love the Hoola Bronzer and Coralista Blush - can't go wrong with those two!


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