Affordable and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

It's that time of the year again where we struggle to think of presents for our loved ones that fit both their needs as well as our budgets.

Christmas is an expensive time, there's no hiding from that fact, but it doesn't always have to be quite as extortionate as you may predict. I believe that sometimes the more thoughtful gifts of a less excessive cost make the most memorable ones.

What if there's a way of transforming the time and money consuming season into just time consuming?
Well, you're in luck because today I'm going to share with you some cute yet affordable present ideas that you can give to your friends, family or significant other. I will give it my best shot to cater for different price ranges and budgets.

The first suggestion is this super adorable stocking filled with sweets and treats. I'd say I'm obsessed but even that would be the biggest understatement. Not only is it totally festive and cute but it is also super customisable.
You may want to put some skin care and cosmetics in there or as a cheaper alternative, sweets. The choice is a hundred percent yours which is one of the reasons I love this gift so much, you can customise it to fit the needs of whoever you're buying for.

I decided to opt for the more budget friendly option of sweets, however I did add the occasional nail polish and beauty product here and there. If you had any enquiries, the stocking was £1.99 from Home Bargains and the rest from Superdrug.

These Hot Chocolate kits will automatically be at top of your search bar if you type anything along the lines of "DIY  Christmas present Ideas". All you need is a mug (preferably Christmas themed), hot chocolate powder and lastly some marshmallows to top it all off. It's that simple. You can DIY this or buy pre-made ones like I have done, again mine are from Home Bargains and cost me little expense at £2.99.

Who wouldn't want to receive a hot chocolate kit? I know I certainly would. Next!

This idea I like to call the 'Bath Pick n' Mix". Can you not just picture these in a pink and white striped paper bag?

I absolutely love bath bombs but I never seem to buy them for myself purely because I feel guilty spending money on a product that will become history after just one bath. 

So if you're anything like me, receiving bath bombs makes your day. Now, I can already picture some of you guys thinking 'how is this not going to cost a fortune?' and before I had acknowledged The Body Shop's bath products existence I would have agreed with you.

As much as I love a bit of Lush, I'd be lying if I said they were a perfect match for an affordable gift guide. So as you can imagine I was over the moon when I found the Body Shop Bath products were £1.50 each. Their bright and vivid packaging also help them resemble sweets which is why they fit in with a 'pick n' mix theme'. They also sell bubble bars (with the same price and same packaging) in addition to the bombs which I have found last me approximately three uses, if not more.

50 reasons/memories
This last one is the least costly and In my opinion, the most meaningful. For this one you have to write down fifty reasons why you love or appreciate someone. Alternatively, you could also do fifty memories you've had with your loved one, something along those lines. Personally, I believe they look best on separate pieces of paper and stored in a simple and cute mason jar. Super Pinterest worthy!

So there we have it guys, If you have any other ideas you want to share make sure to leave a comment!


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