Things to do on planes

If you clicked on this blog then you probably struggle to find ways to kill time on an airplane and that is something you and I both share in common.

 Fortunately for me I don't tend to have a big fear of flying so I can relax to a certain extent, despite being disturbed by the loud crying babies and occasional, annoying sneezer.

Due to the fact that I have a flight approaching I thought it was about time to sit down and write this.

Luckily for me my flight will only last an hour so definitely not the longest and for the majority of that time you will most likely find me buried into my jumper listening to music.

I'd strongly recommend making a 'plane playlist' on somewhere like Spotify where you can choose what music you want, what order to put it in and how long it will last.

 I set mine to just over an hour long to prepare for the whole flight and any dreaded delays.

If you happen to be one of the lucky minority to have
 mastered the art of sleeping on a plane then I take hmy hat off to you, you deserve a round of applause.
It is the perfect way to kill a few hours depending on how deeply you sleep.

Personally this is something I have always aspired to do but never quite managed, considering I find sleeping at home, in a comfortable environment, difficult it almost seems inevitable for me to ever drift off through both turbulence and the constant interruption of the cabin crew.

Another way to make the airplane boredom go away is to read.

 The perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest news and gossip or loose yourself in a gripping book or novel.

I understand that reading can cause some people travel sickness which you definitely do not want in a claustrophobic space such as an airplane so this one applies to those of you who don't get affected by doing either of these things.

Plan out you're week
If you want to use your plane time as a chance to do something productive then I think organising and planning out your trip is the perfect thing to do.

Even if you already had a vague idea of what you wanted to do then you can use this to plan out in smaller detail like where you might like to eat or drink.

 This should also get you excited and in the mood for when you finally arrive at your destination.

If you want to take a slightly more brainy approach then doing activities like crosswords is a brilliant way to occupy your time.

I often notice people completing crosswords on board so they must be a reasonably popular plane activity.

Additionally, a lot of cross words can be found on newspapers which gives you an extra thing to do.

Learn some new words
If you are travelling to a foreign country that speak another language then it may just be worth learning a few beginners words.

 It doesn't have to be anything too complex but just the basic words like 'please', 'thank you' and 'hello', they always seem to appreciate it when people speak they're language.

Thanks for reading, hopefully your flight boredom levels will have dropped a level or two after reading this!


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