Gorgeous Gold: Packaging over product?

Although I'm guilty of sweeping it under the carpet, I am fully aware that ninety percent of the things I purchase are influenced by the packaging. The majority of that being gold or rose gold, I'm not sure what it is about that certain colour but we seem to have a very powerful magnetic force that attracts each other as soon as my body enters a store. It's a very dangerous relationship that neither me or my bank account are thankful for.

My curiosity got me thinking about whether the beautiful packaging was all a product had to offer or just a bonus to go alongside a magnificent product.

MUA highlighter
This stunning champagne gold highlighter is available for £3 in Superdrug,can I just emphasise on the £3!!?

If your highlighter preference sits in the subtle and natural category then this probably isn't going to be your cup of tea. Personally I tend to opt for a more natural looking highlight myself but in this instance I have a very justified exception.

This product never fails to blow my mind with it's intensely pigmented and stunning glow. The products formula is nothing short of amazing and It's extremely long lasting. The only criticism is that you may have to rub the top layer of the powder of to really see it's true capability.

I can confidently say that in this circumstance we have a strong case of product over packaging which is always a good thing. I just can't get over the fact that it retails for three pounds, I mean would you pay three pounds for your new holy grail highlighter?

No7 MascaraThis mascaras clearly not afraid of standing out, I mean you can see it from a mile away sparkling away in all its glory.

The glittery gold mascara is currently being sold for £14 at Boots, perhaps a little more on the pricey side for a brand that is considered drugstore? 

This mascara is advertised to create big and bold lashes from the first sweep as well as full bodied volume from just one coat. 

Besides the beautiful packaging this product does have a lot to offer. You get the length and black bold coating that No7 claimed and in that instance you get your moneys worth.

 Despite the length and colour I've found that the volume and formula is slightly lacking. The formula has a slightly too watery consistency for my liking and I haven't noticed much volume like publicized.
As much as I don't hate this product, regretfully I'm going to have to say it's packaging over product.

L'oreal Lipstick
It's no secret that the L'Oreal lipsticks are some of my favourites. L'Oreal just always get it right in the lipstick game, wether it's formula, colour, finish or general day to day wear, they always ticks all the boxes.

I can't fault or criticise these lipsticks which is why I'm going to say that this one is a hundred percent Product over packaging.

Sun Beam
Next up we have a personal favourite of mine as far as liquid highlighters go.
Sun Beam manages to provide a natural bronzed and 'sun kissed' look without it feeling heavy on the skin. It blends beautifully and It's honestly incredible, what can I say? 
Feel free to check out my review on this highlighter if you are interested and want a further and more detailed review.

Hourglass Powder
Last but by no means least we have this gorgeous powder by hourglass. A long side the luxurious gold packaging you are greeted with a smooth, velvety formula and bronze shimmery glow. 

Although this isn't the smartest option if you are on a budget you do definitely get a top quality product.

Thankyou for reading, feel free to leave a comment! Are you ever guilty of buying for the packaging?



  1. ive been using an MUA highlighter for months now...its INCREDIBLE. i cannot believe its £3 as well. im normally pretty fussy with make up but i cant imagine ever buying a high-end highlighter after trying out this baby because its the shit!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com ♥

  2. Ooo this is good to know! I had no idea you could find such an amazing product like this and for so cheap!!


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