Gorgeous Gold: Packaging over product?

Although I'm guilty of sweeping it under the carpet, I am fully aware that ninety percent of the things I purchase are influenced by the packaging. The majority of that being gold or rose gold, I'm not sure what it is about that certain colour but we seem to have a very powerful magnetic force that attracts each other as soon as my body enters a store. It's a very dangerous relationship that neither me or my bank account are thankful for.

My curiosity got me thinking about whether the beautiful packaging was all a product had to offer or just a bonus to go alongside a magnificent product.

MUA highlighter
This stunning champagne gold highlighter is available for £3 in Superdrug,can I just emphasise on the £3!!?

If your highlighter preference sits in the subtle and natural category then this probably isn't going to be your cup of tea. Personally I tend to opt for a more natural looking highlight myself but in this instance I have a very justified exception.

This product never fails to blow my mind with it's intensely pigmented and stunning glow. The products formula is nothing short of amazing and It's extremely long lasting. The only criticism is that you may have to rub the top layer of the powder of to really see it's true capability.

I can confidently say that in this circumstance we have a strong case of product over packaging which is always a good thing. I just can't get over the fact that it retails for three pounds, I mean would you pay three pounds for your new holy grail highlighter?

No7 MascaraThis mascaras clearly not afraid of standing out, I mean you can see it from a mile away sparkling away in all its glory.

The glittery gold mascara is currently being sold for £14 at Boots, perhaps a little more on the pricey side for a brand that is considered drugstore? 

This mascara is advertised to create big and bold lashes from the first sweep as well as full bodied volume from just one coat. 

Besides the beautiful packaging this product does have a lot to offer. You get the length and black bold coating that No7 claimed and in that instance you get your moneys worth.

 Despite the length and colour I've found that the volume and formula is slightly lacking. The formula has a slightly too watery consistency for my liking and I haven't noticed much volume like publicized.
As much as I don't hate this product, regretfully I'm going to have to say it's packaging over product.

L'oreal Lipstick
It's no secret that the L'Oreal lipsticks are some of my favourites. L'Oreal just always get it right in the lipstick game, wether it's formula, colour, finish or general day to day wear, they always ticks all the boxes.

I can't fault or criticise these lipsticks which is why I'm going to say that this one is a hundred percent Product over packaging.

Sun Beam
Next up we have a personal favourite of mine as far as liquid highlighters go.
Sun Beam manages to provide a natural bronzed and 'sun kissed' look without it feeling heavy on the skin. It blends beautifully and It's honestly incredible, what can I say? 
Feel free to check out my review on this highlighter if you are interested and want a further and more detailed review.

Hourglass Powder
Last but by no means least we have this gorgeous powder by hourglass. A long side the luxurious gold packaging you are greeted with a smooth, velvety formula and bronze shimmery glow. 

Although this isn't the smartest option if you are on a budget you do definitely get a top quality product.

Thankyou for reading, feel free to leave a comment! Are you ever guilty of buying for the packaging?


Black Friday Bargains

After 365 days in waiting the time has finally come, it's Black Friday! This annual event was practically made for me, I mean a day purely dedicated to shopping with exclusive offers and deals?Yes please!

Hopefully some of these offers are still available for you guys so that you can shop until your hearts content and make slightly less of a dent in your wallet.

Although I'm not from the States, with my mastered art of capturing the best deals, I managed to pick up a fair amount of items.

The first items that ended up in my basket are the Body Shop bath bombs and bubbles. The colourful array of sweet lookalikes immediately caught my attention as I was browsing through the wonderful bath and body store. Not only is the smell to die for but these little gems, at £2.50 (fifty percent off), didn't break the bank

Also from The Body shop is this incredible, one of a kind life saver. If there's one hand cream I can always rely on come Winter when my hands are in desperate need of moisture, it is without a shadow of a doubt this one. 
I have tried the Body Shop hand creams in pretty much every scent going with the 'Vanilla Chai' scent being no exception. It is my all time favorite Body Shop scent and I like to stock up on it as unfortunately it is only available during Christmas *sad face*.

These hand creams retail for five pound and unfortunately I didn't manage to get any deal to go alongside. However I thought it was still worth mentioning if you are still in search for your holy grail hand cream.

I'm not sure where to begin with this one. In all honesty I wasn't planning on buying this, it was one of those last minute purchases of products you see whilst queuing at the till. 
I picked it up anyway as it was reduced from five pound to two pound and I had heard numerous good reviews on Primarks brushes.  I initially thought it was an oval brush as it was a last minute purchase but I was quickly mistaken and proved wrong. This is actually a black sponge , not a bristle brush like I had anticipated. Not going to lie I was pretty disappointed as the product wasn't made to the highest of standards and wasn't as I predicted. However, some of that disappointment was partially down to me for not examining the product.

This beautiful pink jumper has only been in my possession for roughly an hour and I am already obsessed. It has a gorgeous tie up detailing at the back and is available at Miss Selfridge. To top it all off it was on offer from £22 to £15.40, Deal!

That's everything, I hope you all had a lovely Black Friday and got all the deals and offers you were hoping for! 


Turning my room into a Winter Wonderland *super affordable*

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays and I can't put in to words how difficult it has been to restrain myself and hold back from writing a seasonal inspired post.

However, now It is past the mid November mark and I think that now could be classed as an appropriate time to start, right?

Before I begin I just wanted to say that I didn't go all out transforming my room, just a few decorations here and there, purely because I don't want to spend a ton on ornaments that I will only have in use once a year.

 This is the main reason why I was able to round up my total basket order to under fifteen pounds.

I tend to gravitate towards a less themedChristmas tree and instead opt for a more mismatching,less organized tree. However my initial preference took a change whilst I was in Primark, on a Christmas decor hunt I came across these adorable little baubles that came in a pack of 30 for only 2 pound. I thought they'd go perfectly with the mini Christmas tree I'm about to show you, no spoilers!
This gorgeous one foot Christmas tree caught my eye in paperchase the other week not just because of it's beautiful silver finish but also due to the fact that I thought it was the perfect size to fit comfortably in my room without taking up too much space.

This cost me five pounds which I thought was quite pricy for the size however it is exactly what I was searching for so I can't complain.

Let's all just take a moment for these beautiful gingerbread tea lights.
How could I have possibly walked past these and ignored them? 
Although I didn't exactly buy them for the designed purpose of burning, they were only 2 pounds from Primark so you can't go wrong.

These are the last two items I picked up from Primark and they're honestly some of my favourites.

The led Christmas tree completes my room and gives it such a cosy vibe and the glittery stocking chalk board I fell in love with, I imagined it with a cute Christmassy design or maybe as a countdown to how many sleeps until the big day.

There are a few other bits and pieces I have used to decorate my room this year but unfortunately as they are slightly older I don't still recall where they're from and I don't want to show you guys something that isn't available for you!
Anyway I hope this still gave you some inspiration or ideas of room decor you may have been on the lookout for, make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts or any decor you have been loving!

Although I don't like to wish away the year, Christmas please hurry up ,we miss you!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray *Worth the hype?!*

Hey guys, apologies if this isn't the sort of top quality content you guys signed up for as this is currently being written by a very poorly version of myself. Which it explains the photo above being taken right off my very own duvet.

Although I'm definitely not in top form I thought I'd still write this anyway.

I picked this product up in urban outfitters back in August as It blew up on social media and I heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to find out what everyone was raving about. It cost £7 from urban outfitters and was available in rose water and green tea.

A bit about the product
The rose water and herbs facial spray is advertised to hydrate and refresh your skin with its hydrating mist formula. Can be used day or night,without or under your makeup, to set your makeup and is suitable for all skin types.

How it worked?
I've used this product for a while now and you'll rarely see me without it, it has become a dominant step to my skin care routine. It always remains in my bag and is travel friendly and easy to spray on the go.

Not only does it leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished, It also helps give your skin a natural, healthy looking glow.

We are already halfway through November, can you believe it?! If you live in the U.K or another cold country then your probably like me and suffering with dry skin.
This has really helped to heal my skin in the cooler months and keep it soft and nourished.

 After trying this product out multiple different ways I have found that it does in fact work as a base or setting for your makeup, so you've got yourself a multi use product for only 7 pounds.

As weird as it may sound the rosewater spray has really helped me the past couple of days when I've been under the weather. 

There's nothing worse than constantly feeling hot and this spray with its cool and hrydrating formula has helped to sooth my temperature and cool me down.

It is no secret that this is and will remain to be a favorite of mine as long as it's for sale.
If you were on the lookout for a cool and refreshing facial spray and were contemplating getting this one then I would definitely recommend!

Christmas gift guide (under £20)

Yes, I'm totally aware it is only November but a lot of supermarkets release their Christmas stock in late September so if you think I'm early ...also I think getting some gift ideas in advance is always a smart approach so come December you will be prepared and hopefully would have avoided the scenario of rushing frantically around the crowded streets last minute on Christmas Eve struggling to find a thing.

One thing I find exceptionally difficult come Christmas time is finding affordable yet good presents that won't hurt your wallet.

That's why today I'm going to be sharing with you my Christmas gift guide for under £20.



A little bit of Lush never hurt nobody. You can never go wrong with a bit of Lush, In fact I don't think I've ever met anybody who doesn't like the incredible bath and shower shop. 

Lush do some of the best pre-made Christmas sets which are available in a budget friendly price range.

 They are the perfect last minute present as the products are perfectly wrapped up into a beautiful festive box, no sellotape and bows of your own required.

Movie night hamper 
I know I would be over the moon to receive a hamper full of movie essentials which is why I thought I'd include this.

The amount of things you want to include in the hamper depends on how much you are willing to spend, I'd nip down to your local Primark or cheapest home store to capture the best deals.

You might want to include items such as a dvd, popcorn, blanket, Netflix/movie gift card and a mug.

Advent calendar 

Who remembers when advent calendars just used to have chocolate? Over the past couple of years I've noticed you can get an advent calendar to cater pretty much any need or interest from beauty and body to food and drink.

 I even ended up getting my cat one this year containing 24 different catnip flavoured treats,Christmas isn't just for humans!

 Last Christmas I had a beauty advent calendar and I loved the idea of waking up to a present every day for a moth and it made the build up to Christmas that little bit extra exciting. 

There are so many advent calendars of different price range out there this year and something for everyone of every age, I think they make a very good and very thoughtful present.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and present ideas in the comments below!

Beauty: Buy or Bye

No one likes to be disappointed over waisted money.
Are these products worth the buy or goodbye?

It wasn't my initial intention to go and buy this product but the stunning rose gold packaging and 'velvet','matte finish' description practically persuaded me. Additionally, the fact that it has a 3 pound price tag blew my mind considering it is presented in such a luxurious and high end way.
MUA is a very affordable and budget friendly brand so I was praying that I'd found a product that I'd love without breaking the bank. Fortunately my wishes were granted as I was greeted with a product that as stated 'glides on effortlessly' and provides a bold pigmented colour. The silky smooth formula quickly dries down into a light weight, matte finish.

L'Oréal paradise extatic mascara
If you read my review on this mascara then you would be aware on my mini obsession with it. There's not a lot to say about this product other than it's never failed to impress me, it still remains to be beaten. 

Zoella lip balm
I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether or not to include this as it was part of last years Christmas range which gives me the impression that it's likely no longer for sale. However, I thougt I'd still mention it for the small chance that it's in stock somewhere out there. 

The world famous beauty blogger released  this product last year and I'd not yet tried any of her products so was very intriguied to give this a go. Besides the beautiful rose gold packaging this lip bam greeted my lips with a soft warm Vanilla scent, not the sort of perfume/chemically type you may find in a scented product.

However if you aren't specifically on the lookout for a beautifully packaged and scented lip balm then I would personally opt for a lip balm of lesser expense that moisturises and heals just as good.

Bary m lip plumper

Applying this product I had no expectations due to the fact that I hadn't tried a plumping lip gloss before. However after applying this I was pleasantly surprised with glossy smooth lips that did look slightly bigger. 
Although this product was good I wouldn't buy it specifically for the 'plumping' aspect that Barry m claimed it to do.

L'Oréal lipstick

Last but by no means lest we have my famous, holy grail lipstick. L'Oréal seem to be getting every thing right this month with the lipstick and mascara being at the top of my monthly favourites. This product glides on beautifully, applying a bold,vivid matte finish pigment. It had the consistency of a lip balm and left my lips feeling smooth and moisturised, what's not to love?


Things to do on planes

If you clicked on this blog then you probably struggle to find ways to kill time on an airplane and that is something you and I both share in common.

 Fortunately for me I don't tend to have a big fear of flying so I can relax to a certain extent, despite being disturbed by the loud crying babies and occasional, annoying sneezer.

Due to the fact that I have a flight approaching I thought it was about time to sit down and write this.

Luckily for me my flight will only last an hour so definitely not the longest and for the majority of that time you will most likely find me buried into my jumper listening to music.

I'd strongly recommend making a 'plane playlist' on somewhere like Spotify where you can choose what music you want, what order to put it in and how long it will last.

 I set mine to just over an hour long to prepare for the whole flight and any dreaded delays.

If you happen to be one of the lucky minority to have
 mastered the art of sleeping on a plane then I take hmy hat off to you, you deserve a round of applause.
It is the perfect way to kill a few hours depending on how deeply you sleep.

Personally this is something I have always aspired to do but never quite managed, considering I find sleeping at home, in a comfortable environment, difficult it almost seems inevitable for me to ever drift off through both turbulence and the constant interruption of the cabin crew.

Another way to make the airplane boredom go away is to read.

 The perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest news and gossip or loose yourself in a gripping book or novel.

I understand that reading can cause some people travel sickness which you definitely do not want in a claustrophobic space such as an airplane so this one applies to those of you who don't get affected by doing either of these things.

Plan out you're week
If you want to use your plane time as a chance to do something productive then I think organising and planning out your trip is the perfect thing to do.

Even if you already had a vague idea of what you wanted to do then you can use this to plan out in smaller detail like where you might like to eat or drink.

 This should also get you excited and in the mood for when you finally arrive at your destination.

If you want to take a slightly more brainy approach then doing activities like crosswords is a brilliant way to occupy your time.

I often notice people completing crosswords on board so they must be a reasonably popular plane activity.

Additionally, a lot of cross words can be found on newspapers which gives you an extra thing to do.

Learn some new words
If you are travelling to a foreign country that speak another language then it may just be worth learning a few beginners words.

 It doesn't have to be anything too complex but just the basic words like 'please', 'thank you' and 'hello', they always seem to appreciate it when people speak they're language.

Thanks for reading, hopefully your flight boredom levels will have dropped a level or two after reading this!

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