Lee Stafford Chopstick Curler Review

Chopstick curlers are something I have seen around the internet for a while now and I decided to finally let my temptation get the better of me and give these a go. Spoiler alert, I don't regret a thing!

If you weren't already aware, chopstick style curlers are designed to give you tight, 80's style corkscrew curls.

 When I was doing a brief research on which curler I should purchase, the Lee Stafford one was the first to gain my attention at the top of my search bar and with brilliant reviews I thought it would be the perfect product to review for you guys.

Where from and how much?
I bought this product in Superdrug but it's also available in multiple different places. It retails at a very reasonable price of £19.99.

What does it do?
Lee Stafford claims that this hair tool will give you extra tight corkscrew curls due to its super skinny rectangular wand. It's advertised to make your hair look smooth, healthy and silky hair.
The Original Chopstick Styler™ Curling Wand
The results
I was extremely impressed with the outcome of my hair in my first use, the skinny rectangular wand was easy to work with and as the wand heats up very quickly and to a high temperature meant you only needed to wrap your hair round for three or four seconds.

A lot of people wonder if this hair style takes hours to create but as you don't need your hair on the heat for long, it takes no extra time then using your standard curler.

How you want your curls to look is customisable, you can take a thicker section of hair for more of a subtle, wavy curl or you can take smaller pieces for more intense, tight ringlets.

If you choose to go for the more intense look but decide you want it looking a bit more natural then you can always run your fingers through your hair, avoid brushing it at all costs as it will make your hair look 10 times frizzier, believe me on this one!

One of the things that surprised me the most about this appliance was how long my curls lasted without using hairspray to lock them into place.

 If you have dead straight, thick hair like myself then you may find that as soon as you reach the outdoors it is almost as if your curls never existed. However, with this my hair lasted much longer than it's ever done before, would strongly recommend.



  1. Super post. Bas mi se svidja samo tako nastavi ;)

  2. Interesting! I've never heard of a chopstick curler, but I'm definitely going to be on the lookout!


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