High End Makeup That's Worth The Splurge

Makeup means money. There's no other way of putting it, sometimes you get what you pay for and other times the price tag of a product is purely based on the popularity of the brand.

It would be nice to get something without breaking the bank or at least a good quality product that's worth our wallets slowly shrinking.

 There must be some Holy Grail products that are worth are time and money, right? A hundred percent, which no drugstore dupes can completely pull off to the same high standard, and today I'm going to be talking them through for you.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer- £24.50

I couldn't bring my self to not mention the savour of our pale days and I think we all need to take a moment for this product.

 Now If you've heard of bronzer, you've heard of Hoola (unless you've been living under a rock). At the Uk's number 1 bestselling bronzer for five years running, I think we are all aware of this products position in the hierarchy of makeup and it deserves to be top space for the next five years coming.

You just need to lightly sweep it on your skin and its beautiful silky formula will greet you with a ton of warmth and pigment (with the bronzer still being buildable). 

The finish is matte which is good if you're like me and prefer a more natural look with less shimmer. It also comes with a Good Quality brush and a mirror, perfect for on the go. Fully deserving of all the hype and compliments this product receives.

Hourglass lighting bronzer-£45

I feel very fortunate to have possession of this product as if you are from the Uk you would know what a novelty it is to own anything from Sephora.

 If there's anything we can do to get this shop over to the Uk, we need to make it happen (along with Bath and Body Works and the Cheesecake Factory).

I don't use this cream and brown marbled powder as a bronzer like the name suggests as I find that it's a little to pale and shimmery for my liking so instead I use this for a 'sun kissed' looking highlight.

 If you are the one to go for a more blinding highlight then this product probably isn't for you but it's velvet like texture made it impossible for me not to mention.

£21.50-Benefit Sun Beam

This nail varnish bottle lookalike, (liquid highlighter) has been in my favourites for a good couple months now and you would be aware of my mini obsession with it if you read my Review on it.

All you have to do is apply a few dots from the soft bristle applicator on to your cheek and brow bones to achieve a natural, bronzed glow.

£21-Lancome Mascara

Although my L'Oreal paradise Extatic mascara (L'Oreal mascara review ) has yet to be beaten, this Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara comes in at a close second.

As advertised this mascara really does give the 'lashes of your dreams' as its big soft brush achieves your lashes to appear longer and with 10 time more volume without looking clumpy. If you're looking for a high end mascara, this is your best friend.

£26-Benefit Primer

What can i say? It's a primer that makes your makeup stay on longer, better and smoother.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you out and if you have tried some of these products out or have some products of your own that you'd like to recommend  I'd love to hear about them/ you're opinion on them!


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