Benefit Sun Beam highlighter-Review

I was given this product for my birthday not too long ago and I hadn't heard very much about it so today I thought I would test it out for you and see if its worth the money.
Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter 10ml

First Impression/packaging
My initial impression before proceeding to apply the product was that it had an attractive appearance with detail on the lid but also quite simplistic.

 When I opened it the product immediately reminded me of  nail varnish due to its soft bristle brush applicator.

 The only thing that concerned me from my first impression was that the bottle didn't look like it held much product in (10ml) for an item of high price.

This bronze/golden liquid highlighter is available in various shops online or in store and is priced at £21.50.

What does the product do?
Benefit claims that this golden bronze complexion liquid highlighter will give you a natural, sun kissed radiance that will complement all skin tones.

How to use
To use dot product on to cheek and brow bones and blend in using either your fingers or a brush.

The brush is soft on your skin and highly resembles the brush of a nail varnish. It is small but is the perfect size for applying just a small amount of product on to your skin which is all you need.

My Experience
When I applied this liquid highlighter to my cheek strait away It gives a beautiful radiant,golden glow that has a little bit of a golden shimmer that's not too overpowering or too in your face.

 It is perfect if you're looking for a glowing highlighter and the bronze/golden pigmentation of the product really does give a slightly tanned effect as if you've been 'sun kissed'.

 This highlighter won't give a 'blinding' effect as it does give a 'natural-looking sun kissed radiance' like Benefit stated. However this definitely does not mean that is won't be noticeable or visible.

It has a light weight formula that blends in easily to the skin with the help of its smooth, creamy texture.
 Due to the products light-weight formula it feels very comfortable on the skin, almost like you're wearing nothing and it dries down within a couple of minutes so it won't smudge/smear or rub off throughout the day, It is  definitely long lasting.

- Gives a beautiful natural glow.
- Smooth light weight formula.
- Bronzed 'sun kissed' effect.
- Long wear.
- High Pigmentation.
- Doesn't smudge.
- Good packaging

- High in price for possibly not a lot of product.
- If you're looking for an intense glow then this is too subtle.

Is it worth it?
Although at the beginning I was slightly worried there would not be enough product for the price, now I have tested it out I realised that it's definitely a case of a little goes a long way so it should last for a reasonable amount of time. 

I would buy this if you're looking for the qualities in a Liquid highlighter like the things above, ever since  I started using this I have been reaching of it every day since.

Would one hundred percent recommend!

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