Best Drugstore Mascara Ever

L'Oréal Paris Paradise Ecstatic mascara- I'd heard quite a lot of good things about this mascara and it only came out recently in the UK so I was very excited to try this. 

I haven't yet tried any mascaras from L'Oréal so I don't have any expectations or an idea as to how it might go but am hoping to be impressed.

What is the mascara best for?

L'Oréal claims that the feather soft brush and silky smooth formula will team together to give your lashes intense volume and spectacular length without flaking.


This mascara is average drugstore price selling for £11.99 in Superdrug and Boots.

My Experience

The applicator for me was a very good shape as I found it really gripped onto my lashes without getting it all over my lid. 

It separated my lashes and gave them the volume and length I was looking for. 

It stayed on all day without transferring on to my face and there were no signs of flaking and hardly and absolutely no clumps. 

The mascara itself had a smooth texture, appears to have a solid intense black colour and had a light, non-clumping texture. 

The applicator
The applicator was extremely soft like it stated and applied really easily with little effort.

 However the brush is slightly to big and thick and gets in the way if you try to do bottom lashes but it's definitely still manageable.

 You will also find it is very buildable but one coat is all you really need to get the full effect.

How to apply

Apply applicator onto lashes in and upwards motion starting at the root and repeat depending on however many layers you want to apply.

Image result for lash paradise l'oreal uk applicatorResults/Is it worth it?

Definitely worth it ,this mascara did everything it claimed to do and gave the most amazing volume, curl, length and finish.

 It also has the most beautiful metallic bronze and pink packaging, I couldn't fault it. The best drugstore mascara i've tried.

I would love to here how you got on with this products in the comments!

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