Let me guess...95% of your wardrobe's beloved outfits chiefly consist of neutrals?

 Yes, that's right. Neutrals. I'm talking cream, beige, black, grey and white - your go to's. Aka; boring. Oh no! Don't be embarrassed. I'm guilty of it too. But don't you think it's a little routine? Safe, perhaps? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that neutrals are the bane of all existence. Not at all. In fact, they are quite the opposite (after all, the prospect of burying yourself in a big, black oversized jumper can seem pretty tantalising, and even the vision of stepping into a formal gathering looking as if a colossal rainbow just threw up on you is enough to send shivers running up your spine). However, adding as little as an ounce of colour to your wardrobe is guaranteed to have you emitting rays of confidence and voluntarily twirling everywhere you go!

Why, you ask? It’s unprecedented. Quirky. Fun. And - if you thought it couldn't get any better - according to Jules Standish, style and colour consultant and author of ‘How Not To Wear Black’ in an article for the Daily Mail, adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe can have a ‘psychological effect’ that leads to an acceleration in happiness and a boost in self esteem - hooray! No wonder CBeebies’ Mr Tumble always had such a big grin on his face…

Although we now know that wearing colourful clothing is a stop on the railway to happiness, how do we actually style it? What colour combinations work? How much colour is too much colour? There’s a lot to factor in…

First things first: colour combo’s and how to style them. Pale blue and pink are a match made in heaven for pastel lovers and a great option for a subtle and understated dip into the realm of colour. Try a blue cashmere sweater paired with a pink tailored jacket for a sophisticated day outfit or a blue floaty midi dress with a pastel tote for an evening option. Whereas, for the braver of you, opt for the dream team that is green and yellow (a khaki blazer dress and mustard shoulder bag, perhaps) but note to steer away from bolder hues when it comes to footwear to avoid the schoolgirl error of colour clashing. For a Parisian and Chanel inspired look, red and blue is the one for you! Think navy or denim blue culottes with a fitted crimson jumper, or a simple red blazer to spice up your day-to-day denims. Additionally, the revered duo of blue and orange are your go-to hues for colour blocking. A darker navy hue partnered with a burnt orange shade epitomises the autumnal or winter colour palette whereas a more vibrant version of the two works well in the spring and summer months. Whichever of the two you choose to wear, it’s crucial that you pick the perfect shoe - experts tend to gravitate toward nude heels in order to draw as little attention away from the main body of the outfit.

Although there is no existing rulebook when it comes to fashion, there are still a plethora of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to consider. Specifically when it comes to the mammoth task of hijacking your wardrobe with colour, and you want to avert the ‘my three year old drew on me with her entire Crayola crayon set’ look. To prevent this, know what colour duo’s to avoid. For example, pale pink and blue may be a pastel tinged dream, but green and orange? That is a very different type of dream; it’s a fashion enthusiast’s worst nightmare. The same goes for the following duos: green and pink, purple and yellow, red and orange, grey and brown, and brown and black. And as for the notorious saying; ‘red and green should never be seen’. Well… I guess there’s a reason why it’s so acclaimed.

If all of this colour talk still feels a little bit intimidating and you’re not quite ready to jump straight into the deep end, how about taking a minimalist’s approach? Styling a basic tee and some skinny jeans with a vibrant tote bag. Spicing up your go-to white dress with some statement fuchsia earrings. Converting an all-black outfit with some flamboyant heels and some vibrant jewellery. This way you can continue to bask in the safety of your regular, day-to-day outfit whilst adding a pop of colour to the mix - the best of both worlds!

Whether you choose to release your Inner Regina George and amplify it to the max’ with a knock em’ dead pink dress, or keep things subtle and sophisticated with some colourful accessories, the bottom line is simple: go bold or go home.



  1. Omg, I love the dress!

    Mariya | https://www.brunetteondemand.com/chloe-ballet-flats-look-alikes/

  2. Such a pretty dress darling.


  3. I love polka dot print and this dress is the cutest!!! Loooove!! :)


  4. I love this, I'd always choose colours over average; I remember being the only person in my pilates class who didn't wear black tights. But colour bring so much joy to the life and make it more unique.
    ps Love the dress!!


    1. Ah yees I'm glad to hear :) The dress is from ASOS, so cute!

  5. Unfortunately not! XD I'm a fan of prints so I have A LOT of printed items and few neutral to combine with them! A disaster xD


  6. Such a pretty dress!
    xx- Nina


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