The World's Biggest Topshop

Considering I don't live in the city, I come to London relatively often and if there's one place I drift to the most then it's unmistakably Oxford Circus - the home of shopping. Wait, let me re-prhase that, the home of Topshop. In other words, the place that gets me every time. So, put me into the world's biggest Topshop and...well, it's going to do some damage.
If you haven't yet visited the flagship Topshop then I can confidently say that you haven't seen the REAL Topshop. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but the Oxford Street store without fail mirrors Topshop's aesthetic and vibe with it's towering stock of innovative designs and latest trends.

It's kinda ironic because although this queen of Topshop is most unquestionably a shop, it almost doesn't feel like one. It's more like an industrial fashion and beauty wonderland (with Photo Booths, nail, hair and cupcake stools around every corner).

*apoligies for the poor quality

Think a nail and brow bar, hair parlour, cupcake stand and multiple other stools is extra enough? Check out the photo below.

Uh-huh, that a DJ. You get greeted to live music when you enter the store

Sorry this post is so short but I've bought quite a few things this past weekend so a haul/reviews should up soon!

Also I finally created an Insta account for my blog after 10 months of blogging aha! Would really appreciate  if you'd check it out: @lilylovesx
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