Another Reason To Get Outside Now

Ahhh. The outside - how wonderful. Or at least that would be our sheer outlook of the uplifting open air if duvets, hot chocolate and Netflix were non existent.

The magnetic lure of the indoors aside, the fresh air is certainly the place to be (especially since spring has suddenly sprung...finally!)

Besides the hundreds of health benefits we repeatedly hear nature has to offer, there are actually a couple of blogging related benefits that may just be worth getting outside for.

Nature is paramount to creativity. If you’re inside trying to write a blogpost or get some work done whilst you’re straining for ideas and squinting at your’s not going to be easy. Being outside will free your creativity from captivity.

The open air is also a vessel to success for you photo takers out there. Not only is there potential picturesque scenery but moreover, there is natural lighting - any photographers best friend. Even with the utmost of brightening adjustments and editing apps, nothing can displace natural lighting.

Distracted? Unmotivated? Stressed? Get outside. This will regain your focus. Restore your motivation. Reduce your stress. 

In the words of Sir David Attenborough, nature 'is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living'.

Studies have shown us that spending more time outside enhances and enables our creative juices to flow freely. Why not give it a try? (or maybe just after one more episode!)


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