Why I Love Frinton

I hate clickbait. Who likes clicking on something only to realise you've just been used in a scheme for extra page views and are no closer to retrieving the content you were originally seeking. Nobody, right? 

Don't worry, you're probably wondering what direction I'm going in with this - you haven't been click baited (I'm not that cruel). This just got me thinking about why I named my blog, 'Lily Loves', to express my thoughts and share with you guys the things I've been loving - the name's pretty self explanatory.

So technically I'd be lying straight to your faces if I didn't share a destination I've been loving...(again, I'm not that cruel).

So here it is, the beautiful beach, Frinton-on-Sea. Miami in Essex. 

So, what makes this place so different to the competing beach, Southend, or neighbouring beach, Clacton?

Well you could say it's down to the quite, peaceful atmosphere, due to it's lack of amusements and unpopulated state. 

Although it's not just this that gives Frinton the edge. How can we forget about the beautiful scenery?

The pictures don't quite serve the seaside its justice, they are, however, an accurate representation of a typical day in Essex in terms of weather.

The calming sound of the sea paired with a beautiful array of Art Deco houses makes the perfect seaside stroll. Once the seaside walks have worked up an appetite, prepare for the finest fish and chips the English coast has to offer.

The wide sandy beach has done its utmost to maintain its purpose as a quiet resort that escapes the madness of arcades and screaming children.

Thanks for reading! What destination have you been loving?



  1. It looks beautiful and so peaceful! I always love visiting a good beach, so I may have to keep this one on my list of places to travel! xx


    1. It really is a beautiful place, It’s definitely worth a visit!x

  2. I've never been to Essex before, but this beach looks so peaceful! Definitely added Frinton to the list of places to visit!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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