How To Find The Perfect Lipstick For You

With over 1000 lipsticks available in Superdrug alone, it's not too onerous to find yourself in a wild goose chase amid a spiral of tubed pigments - sometimes it's possible to have TOO much choice (don't come at me).

Then there's the colour and finish. Are we going bold? Subtle? Matte? Gloss? The list is infinite.

I guess what I'm trying to vocalise is that the process of finding the perfect lipstick isn't a walk in the park; there's a lot to factor in.

If you tend to shy away from bold or vibrant colours, how about settling for something nude toned like this creamy long-lasting satin finish lipstick.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to opt for a classic, classy  statement lip that will never go out of trend. In which case, how about this one, widely loved by regular lipstick wearers.

A real quality lipstick should be more than just efficacious. It should make you feel Insta - worthy. Although, when you have just one minute remaining till you need to head out the door? That thought may seem a little too ambitious...

That's where this lil' guy will be your best friend - lining and filling in your lips in one go, on the go.

You can have your eggs fried, poached, scrambled or boiled, right? So why should the choice lack in lipstick?

This lipstick is the perfect ambassador for that - available in array of finishes and textures from matte to peals and crèmes. So if you fancy a non drying matte or crave a gleaming gloss, you know where to go.

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How To Increase Blog Traffic

Fancy soaring into a virescent realm of blog traffic?
Something even the most professional of content creators are still mastering?
Don't we all...
Although you may yearn over this scenario in your wildest dreams, you really shouldn't have to.

How To drive More Traffic To Your Blog

It's mind-blowing how a few tweaks and alterations can really shape the success route to a site.
Revisiting what I said in the previous post, it's not usually the main content there's an issue with - but everything surrounding it.

Here are 5 simple ways to gain a wider readership:

I'm talking: photos, videos, Gifs, colours, fonts. All of which should work simultaneously with the title.
Alongside the title, the photos/images of your blog are the first thing to gain a readers attention. If it's visually pleasing, it's that extra bit click worthy.

Know your place on the blogosphere. Is it fashion? beauty? baking?Lifestyle?
Once you've found your industry, stick to it. That's not to say you shouldn't venture around your niche (content variation's always appreciated), but try to revolve your content around what you're readership come for.

Yes... I know I'm being hypocritical considering I'm rambling on about marketing on a Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog, but as long as it's a 'once in a blue moon' kinda thing then...

Look back in your archives. Are there any hidden gems that you devoted hours to which didn't do quite as well as you anticipated?

How about updating them? Maybe give them a little revamp if they're in need of rejuvenation. Upload them again and you never know.

I'll keep this one short and sweet; it's fairly self - explanatory. Articles with embedded subheadings, in comparison to a continuous chunk of writing, are much easier for a reader to digest.

If they struggle to read your content, chances are they won't come back.

Just like all organisms on planet earth, all blogs and sites are different. Therefore they will all contain their own individual statistics and analytics - provided by most blogging platforms. And you may find it surprising how significantly your blogs traffic can change just by acknowledging the basic background  of your site.

I'd strongly recommend Google Analytics, enabling you to know what the best time for your site to post is, your demographics, your most popular content, etc. The list is infinite.

Feel free to leave your thoughts/experiences in the comments below!

A Skincare Saviour

For those who have been living under a rock, Mario Badescu is a flourishing American skincare brand - broadly recognised for their iconic rose water facial spray (which we're all aware by now that I LOVE).

Slowly but surely I've been collating the brand's skincare, this time round I've elicited their highly rated enzyme cleansing gel.

So, step aside rosewater face spray...there's a new product in town.

Despite reading this description at the Mario Badescu stand in urban outfitters, I still felt an element of ambiguity. 
This made me curious. 
What happens when I'm curious? 
I find out more.

So, here's my analysis:
result: Due to it's non foaming formula, this cleanser was very gentle on the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. This did an excellent job at removing dirt and makeup, in addition to leaving my skin clean and refreshed.

Scent: Scent has to be the biggest 'make or break ' when it comes to skin care for me. There's a fine line between artificial, chemical scented products and natural, realistic ones. Fortunately for most, this enters the natural/realistic category. 

Packaging: Probably one of the first things that caught my eye. The quirky green pigment.  Like all Mario Badescu products, the packaging didn't disappoint. Trendy. Classy. Minimalistic. 

Price:Totalling in at £13, It's safe to say this is a pretty reasonable price. At least, it's what you'd expect to pay for a 236ml bottle of magic.


How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

As a blogger, I know there's nothing worse than devoting hours upon hours to creating content in order for it to get no recognition. It's frustrating. You often end up questioning yourself:

There's one thing all of these questions have in common - they're all valid. Why is nobody reading? Well, it's not usually the content there's an issue with, instead it's another fundamental area, marketing. Think of it this way:

In this scenario, your blog and content is the cake. However, it is just awaiting the final touch - the candles (aka, marketing). 

To answer your question, below I have incorporated some effective ways to increase your blogs traffic. 

Before I continue, let's talk about why we're blogging...

Now, you may think this is a relatively strange thing to talk about, however, our motives are eminently important. If you are blogging solely for the purpose of fame/ money - with no real passion for the industry - stop now.

In most cases, it will take a substantial amount of time before you can start making a living off a blog.

 For the majority of you passionate bloggers out there, here's how to make the most out of your content:

You work so hard on the content of your main blog. Why give up on the headline? The few fundamental words that determine whether or not to click on a blog. Create something compelling; less is more. Keep the title true to the content, mark my words, nobody likes clickbait. Nobody.

In other words, be a recourse. Benefit the reader. You click on something to find something out, right? Whether that's a tutorial, 'How To', advice, tips, news, review etc. This doesn't have to apply for every blog, sometimes it's good to post something that's primarily for you and your fellow community. Although, if it's favourable to an audience, it's likely to attract a wider spectrum of people.

Let's appreciate the repetition of 'promote' - the emphasization is real. This stuff's important.

 Sharing your content via social media will give it the recognition it deserves. You can do this through sites such as:

...And for good reasons. If they enjoy the content, they keep coming back for more. They can rely on you for their (daily/weekly) dose of blog - and this often provokes the birth of a good ol' blogging community.

 This one sort of coincides with the promoting. They're best served together. Partners in crime. 
Maximising your traffic all boils down to what time you release it.

*mind blown*

Considering the world currently supports 24 time zones, it's difficult for me to cater to every single country. However, on average, posting between 1-4pm receives the most click throughs.

Anddddd that's a wrap. Although, if I haven't rambled on enough, I may do a part 2 ( believe it or not, this is 'How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog' in a nutshell).


Why I Love Frinton

I hate clickbait. Who likes clicking on something only to realise you've just been used in a scheme for extra page views and are no closer to retrieving the content you were originally seeking. Nobody, right? 

Don't worry, you're probably wondering what direction I'm going in with this - you haven't been click baited (I'm not that cruel). This just got me thinking about why I named my blog, 'Lily Loves', to express my thoughts and share with you guys the things I've been loving - the name's pretty self explanatory.

So technically I'd be lying straight to your faces if I didn't share a destination I've been loving...(again, I'm not that cruel).

So here it is, the beautiful beach, Frinton-on-Sea. Miami in Essex. 

So, what makes this place so different to the competing beach, Southend, or neighbouring beach, Clacton?

Well you could say it's down to the quite, peaceful atmosphere, due to it's lack of amusements and unpopulated state. 

Although it's not just this that gives Frinton the edge. How can we forget about the beautiful scenery?

The pictures don't quite serve the seaside its justice, they are, however, an accurate representation of a typical day in Essex in terms of weather.

The calming sound of the sea paired with a beautiful array of Art Deco houses makes the perfect seaside stroll. Once the seaside walks have worked up an appetite, prepare for the finest fish and chips the English coast has to offer.

The wide sandy beach has done its utmost to maintain its purpose as a quiet resort that escapes the madness of arcades and screaming children.

Thanks for reading! What destination have you been loving?


Peak District

On Sunday 1st April, whilst Easter ceremony's were taking place all around, the banquet of chocolate would have to await as a journey to the other end of the country was about to commence.

The trip lasted two nights and for our stay we settled in a town you Buxton water fans may be familiar with. You guessed it, Buxton.

The county of Derbyshire offered a wide range of authentic, traditional towns and villages and displayed the finest scenery the Peak District provides.

The traditional English countryside certainly didn't lack or hold back on the activity front either; there was so much to do!

About a half hour walk from our hotel was the well known tourist attraction, Pooles Cavern,  which delved into the Peak Disticts magnificent cave.

One of the things that took be by surprise after visiting the Peak District was that you don't have to be some type of 'pro' at hiking to explore the wonderful landscapes - there are many walks that cater for less experienced walkers.

Saying that, you do have to come prepared. This is far from a shorts and sunglasses type of destination. Boots and scarfs are an essential and hats and gloves are a must. Unfortunately, on our second day the beast from the east 3 (uninvitedly) decided to stop by and leave the town in a white blanket of snow. 

If you've been pondering over the idea of exploring the Peak District, I hope this gave you that extra little nudge to tun that dream into a reality.

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