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Soap and Glory was established over 10 years ago - back in 2006. Yet, it isn't until recently that I've really gotten an insight into the brand. Christmas brings food, family, and laughter but fundamentally a crazy ton of Soap & Glory sets...I'm not complaining!
Given Christmas was three months ago, (okay, where has the time gone?) I feel I've had enough time time to test the brand and fairly confidently make my concluding analysis.

To construct this article into a more manageable read, I'll segregate the review into three different sections: product, pricing and packaging.

It doesn't take a detective to work out that Soap and Glory aren't afraid of pink. It's evident Soap and Glory's dominant theme is pink (very, very pink) and despite getting mild 'young girl' vibes, I'm not mad about it - I think it kinda works.
The quality of the packaging is nothing mind-blowing but neither poor quality; I'd settle with mediocre.

I'm not yet to have been disappointed by a Soap and Gory product, they all seem to serve their purpose.
Their shower gels are insanely creamy and beautifully infused, their body butters are deeply nourishing and don't even get me started on their miraculous Vitamin C Face Wash. Does it energise? yes. Cleanse? uh-huh. Tick every category in skin care criteria? You Bet. If you couldn't already tell, I'd thoroughly recommend this!

The price is always the make or break for me, I'm sure you guys can relate. A product may be everything you were after and more but if the price tag is crazy money then it's not ending up in my basket. Pricing is probably one of the biggest deal breakers out there but with Soap & Glory that shouldn't be an issue. They offer a wide range of travel or full- sized goodies from as little as £2.

Have you tried anything from Soap & Glory?



  1. I have only ever tried one product from soap and glory and it was a shower gel that smelled AMAZING. I definitely need to try more from the brand! xx

  2. I love Soap and Glory stuff - especially their body scrubs! You should check out the Smoothie Star one. It smells DELICIOUS!

    Sneha |

    1. I actually have some of their body scrubs but I'm yet to try them, will have to tonight!

  3. I love all Soap and Glory products! I always have a gift set for my birthday or Christmas so bonus haha. I love some of their make up products as well as their Sugar Crush body stuff and the smoothie breakfast scrub?! Don't even get me started on the smell of thattttt! haha. Their body scrubs are brilliant, their scrub of your life is brilliant for exfoliating before you fake tan. x

    1. I've heard so many great things about their makeup, especially their lip products and eyeliner, will deffo consider trying them!xo


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