This Mascara Will Change Your Lash Game..

No, you haven't time travelled back to 2017 when this was in the Beauty spotlight. Yes, I am extremely late in reviewing this. Nonetheless, fate has brought it to me (if you count L'Oreals 3 for 2 deal as fate!).

I tend to stick to my trusty Lancome Monsieur big mascara, however, how can I leave a Beautifully packaged mascara that claims 'mega volume'  untouched? 

The Miss Baby Roll is available in four different shades: Black, Teal, Lilac, Indigo and black waterproof. So, if you're feeling a lil' adventurous then you know where to go.

L'Oreal promises to give you an 'instant lash lift' with it's 'mega roller brush'. So, let's just see how well that plays out!

The Result this mascara didn't disappoint. Like, AT ALL! It's rare to find a mascara that completes the three main objectives: lengthening, volume and curl. But, you guessed it, this one does all three. Yep, All three. And very little clumping.

You didn't think it could get any better? Well, it does. They stayed curled all day ( sorry, but can I please just put emphasis on ALL DAY?!?!)

I think it's safe to say that this mascara really did live up to it's name. In fact, It delivered more lash goodness than It claimed - I can only take my hat off to you L'Oreal!

Have you tried this out? What are your thoughts?



  1. I have never tried L'Oreal products before, but you seem pretty excited about this one, so maybe I should reconsider!! xx

  2. Definitely worth checking out, huge fan of this alongside L'Oreals paradise ecstatic mascaras!xo

  3. I've not tried this one out, but it looks good! Also, any kind of 3 for 2 is always fate, haha. :D x

    Sneha |

  4. great review!

  5. One of my favourite mascaras ever! Xx


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